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Professional photos are important, but writing a solid real estate ad copy can make all the difference in the number of views your real estate ad receives. This can spark interest in action and presentations in closed sales.

It’s important to understand that every ad you write as a real estate agent will be unique. It involves more than just selling features. To be successful with real estate marketing, consider the following tips:

1. Lead with a compelling headline.
Your title determines whether or not the visitor will click on your ad. It should be unique and attractive, using descriptive and meaningful adjectives. This is the first opportunity for prospects to imagine themselves at home on your property. Engage them enough that they follow your story.

2. Use your words.
Zillow performed an analysis of 24,000 home sales and the real estate website learned that certain keywords used in ad descriptions meant homes were often selling for more. They identified 15 keywords, including “luxurious”, “bewitching” and “impeccable”.

3. Understand your market.
What’s important in the Midwest can be an afterthought in the Southwest. An attached garage is incredibly attractive in cold, snowy weather. It could be near the top of a Michigan home list, but near the bottom of an Arizona list. Writing ads specific to your location allows you to focus your attention on the prospects who are (most) willing to make an offer.

4. Use your space.
Edina Realty’s realtor Joey Oslund has found success using the agent’s remarks section. “Writing some of the strong points on the list is very important,” Oslund said. “This is the opportunity for the agent to include renovations that are not visible to the eye, such as a new oven, new roof, or updated insulation in the attic.

5. Find a unique selling proposition.
Differentiate your inventory from the inventory of your competitors by including an additional bonus. Consider paying 100% of the buyer’s closing costs if they bid during a specific period. Or you can offer a small discount off the listed price if it’s a ‘friend’ of your business on social media, a new resident in the area, a former customer, and so on.

6. Use a call to action.
Include a closing statement that directs buyers to contact you. Don’t be afraid to create a sense of urgency that this might be their last opportunity to buy this property. Make sure your ad includes all of your contact information so they can call, click, or visit.

Yazir Phelps is the Director of Marketing at Real Estate Express, a national leader in online learning for pre-authorization, continuing education and professional development. Phelps has over 18 years of marketing experience fueling the growth of Fortune 500 organizations and over five years of experience working directly with real estate professionals. His extensive experience in generating demand for products and services encompasses strategies critical to a successful career in the field. For more information, please visit www.RealEstateExpress.com.


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