Woman rents property online tricked by con artist masquerading as serviceman

After fooling sellers who placed advertisements in online marketplaces, cyber crooks posing as members of the military began using a similar modus operandi to trick people using web portals to rent their properties. .

A 24-year-old woman living in Mira Road became the latest target after being duped for Rs 53,000 by a cyber crook who posed as a member of the military to contact her in response to a advertisement that she had placed on the data. base of a famous online real estate platform to rent her aunt’s apartment in Mumbai.

In her police complaint, the woman said she released details of the Bandra-based property owned by her aunt, seeking Rs. 12,000 monthly rents and a security deposit of Rs. 50,000. On the same day, a person who identified himself as a member of the military on duty stationed in Assam called her to express her interest in the property.

After sending Rs. 10 into the digital wallet to confirm the account number, the scammer claimed that since he had to make the security deposit payment of his army card for which he had to show the transactions, had asked him to send Rs. 4,000 so that he could return by transferring the amount of the security deposit.

The woman followed the instructions, but the scammer not only made fraudulent withdrawals amounting to Rs. 40,000 but also asked to scan a Quick Response Code (QR).

The woman lost a total of Rs. 53,000, as a result of which she filed a complaint with the Naya Nagar Police in Mira Road. Police have recorded a case of cheating against unidentified crooks. Further investigations were in progress.

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Posted on: Saturday December 04, 2021 5:24 PM IST

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