Why GTA Online Players Should Avoid Weaponized Dinghy

Although the Armed Canoe may be on sale in GTA Online, its price exceeds what most people would be willing to spend. The Heists event has entered its third week, with a particular focus on Cayo Perico. Rockstar Games has offered discounts on various weapons and vehicles related to it, including the Canoe Weapon. For this reason, the boat is now available at 35% off.

Despite recent price drops, GTA Online players should beware of the gunboat. It’s definitely a major threat against regular NPCs. However, the same cannot be said for experienced players who stand in his way. This custom inflatable boat appears to sink under close scrutiny.

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A Few Reasons GTA Online Players Should Ignore The Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy

Its performance is not worth the price

If a player is going to spend almost two million dollars on a vehicle, plane or watercraft, it is better to expect a return on investment. The armed canoe is worth $1,850,000 at Warstock cache and transport. Even with a temporary 35% discount, it will still cost players $1,202,500.

According to Broughy1322, it’s one of the fastest boats in the entire game. The GTA Online YouTuber calculated its top speed at 71.50 miles per hour. Of course, the main attraction of this vehicle is the machine gun. It can easily rip most boats to shreds with its 90 degree coverage. However, this only applies to unarmored vehicles.

In addition, the armed canoe will fight against the tastes of the Stromberg and the toreador because they are submersible cars that move much faster. Players may also have trouble aiming the machine gun when the waves start to move.

Boats are not competitive in GTA Online

Even with the Cayo Perico update released a few years ago, the boats still have no serious niche in GTA Online. There are only 20 in the entire game. This shows how little Rockstar cares about seagoing ships.

Most players have no reason to stay at sea unprotected. Boats are also not particularly well suited for combat. With the introduction of the Stromberg and Toreador, as well as flying vehicles like the Oppressor Mk II, these watercraft are nothing more than a sitting target for other players. This is a huge problem that the armed Dinghy cannot escape.

Also, if the player spends time in the ocean, he will likely use underwater vehicles. The vast majority of GTA Online missions also take place on land, so there’s really no reason to have a slow boat. They are rendered obsolete by flying or submersible vehicles.

final verdict

Whether they’re paying $1,202,500 or $1,850,000 for the Cockpit, GTA Online players have better ways to spend that money. Boats are not particularly useful in public halls as they offer little protection.

The machine gun is also a substandard weapon compared to homing missiles. Flying vehicles can easily dodge its bullets, while submersible cars can attack the armed boat underwater. Despite its combat potential, there is no good reason to own this watercraft.

If GTA Online players already own the Kosatka, they can also just call in a regular canoe for transport. Paying almost two million dollars for a boat seems like a scam at this point in the game’s life cycle.

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