What do buyers want to see in your real estate ad marketing?


Agents could miss sales due to Advertisement with mediocre photos and the lack of floor plans, virtual tours and other details that make the property stand out among buyers, according to a new report from real estate marketing firm BoxBrownie.com.

The report takes a closer look at what Brownie Box Global Sales and Revenue Marketing Director Peter Schravemade calls one of the most underrated sections of the National Association of Real Estate Agents Generational Trends Report for Home Buyers and Sellers.

He notes in the report that statistics from the NAR show that 89% of potential buyers would like to see the photos in the ad, 67% want floor plans, and 58% would like a virtual tour.

Professional photography essential

The report says more than three-quarters of agents (76%) hire professional photographers for their listings. High-end properties were more likely to have professional listing photos, according to the report, which noted that a listing with sticker prices of $ 500,000 or more had an 85% or greater chance of listing. have professional photos, while 71% of properties under this amount included professional photos.

Schravemade adds in the report that brokerages have a duty to their agents to ensure that quality photographs are used in every listing, even if the photos are taken by the agent.

“We believe that educational institutions and organizations should take greater responsibility in training listing agents on how to market a home for sale or for rent,” he wrote. “Part of this training should include sections on what constitutes professional photography.”

Virtual tours saved the industry?

Maybe not so much, according to the BoxBrownie report. Virtual tours aren’t new – they’ve been around for more than two decades, according to the report – but 360, 3D and other virtual tours have been touted during the pandemic as a major change in the way homes are sold.

The report adds that only 5.9% of homes on the market offer virtual tours. That’s a much lower figure than reported by the National Association of Realtors, which reported that 35% of listings offer virtual tours.

The BoxBrownie report believes that these numbers are exaggerated by the area of ​​the country studied, sample size and other factors. “Other research just looks at the links provided in the listings and assumes they are virtual tours rather than videos or slideshows,” Schravemade said in the report.

The conclusion: virtual tours could give agents a board with their announcements. “They are no longer difficult to film, expensive or time consuming,” the report said. “It’s important to note that buyers value them greatly in making the decision to buy a home. “

Back to the drawing board

Just under 10% of single-family home listings offer floor plans, but more than two in three buyers want access. “This is not a number worth shouting out from the mountain tops, but it is certainly an improvement over the previous number we had from a 2015 study, which indicated that only 5% of lists MLS included a floor plan, ”Schravemade said in the report.

BoxBrownie suggests asking each seller if they have any floor plans available. These may be available from the appraiser, as floor plans are often included with appraisal documents.

If these aren’t available, outlets like The Home Depot have sweepstakes starting around $ 100.


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