Washington real estate ad shows ‘knight’ enjoying the amenities of his home, using full-armored toilet

Jonas Elber, an agent in the Spokane area, says he enjoys marketing unique properties. (TourMyHome.com for Jonas Elber)

(NEXSTAR) – This is a house fit for a king – or at least a very domestic knight.

A real estate agent in Washington has a bit of fun with the photos from the ad for his latest property in the Spokane area, most of which show a fully armored “knight” enjoying the amenities of home.

washington state house
(TourMyHome.com for Jonas Elber)

The house itself, located in Chattaroy, was already built to resemble a castle, with a massive exterior “fortress wall” topped with battlements. So it made sense for it to be marketed appropriately, says Agent Jonas Elber.

“I have enjoyed marketing unique properties in the past,” said Elber, who explained that he hired a real gunsmith, along with a few of his friends, to help bring his vision to life. “They all jumped at the idea and it was great working with them.”

Their efforts resulted in not only a series of silly ad photos, but also a short film that depicts the “knight” taking a tour of the $ 600,000 property. He can be seen playing hockey in the backyard, chopping fruit with his sword, and, yes, using one of the throne rooms in the house.

(TourMyHome.com for Jonas Elber)

Elber says the idea generated a lot of exposure, but more importantly, it caught the attention of several potential buyers.

“When this house was listed in 2009, it was on the market for over 400 days and was like a sore thumb,” Elber said. This time around, however, he claims more than a dozen qualified buyers have visited the home, which hit the market just days ago. This weekend, he is also preparing to review a few offers.

(TourMyHome.com for Jonas Elber)

“We are happy to see so many buyers excited about the chateau and its potential as a residence, potential wedding venue or Airbnb,” he said.

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