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THORWallet, a non-custodial pocket that allows clients to exchange native crypto-assets across chains and earn passive income from them, immediately introduced a brand new partnership with multi-chain DEX, Rango Change.

For the first time, THORWallet DEX users can now execute cross-chain trades on goods beyond those available in THORChain pools, starting with cross-chain trades compatible with the Ethereum Digital Machine (EVM), more than 40 channels.

“Rango Change’s group is made up of renowned specialists in DEX aggregation. Joining forces allows us to collaborate on our shared imagination and vision of building a good and open monetary system for the long term. Gathering a mess of cross-chain exchange providers in a single pocket-sized utility allows quick access to the entire DeFi universe, including exchange pairs not supported by THORChain.
– Marcel Harmann, founder and CEO of THORWallet DEX

As a gateway to THORChain, THORWallet DEX allows clients to access native and cross-chain liquidity as well as the full DeFi panorama from a single entry level.

“Collaborating with THORWallet Group is as exciting as it is vital. So far, accessing multi-chain DeFi through a number of functions has been a daunting experience for the average person. Consolidating our service’s options into a single answer allows anyone with a smart machine to simply benefit from all the highest chains and DEXs, exchanging BTC with ETH or any liquid EVM property.
– Martin, CMO at Rango Change

For Rango Change, this integration follows a series of profitable partnerships, including 1 inch, Paraswap, etc.

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