This real estate ad looks pretty normal, but things get weird after slide 30

Missouri’s Weirdest Real Estate Ad

This unpretentious house has a real surprise in store for you …

This quintessential brick house with its two bedrooms and two bathrooms is a dream home in every way. Many windows catch the morning sun, and hopeful homeowners should have no problem seeing their future unfold within those walls, that is, until they take Photo # 30 from this Fayette, Missouri home photo gallery.



This eyebrow-raising real estate listing on has been making the rounds online, but for reasons that have made potential buyers and concerned citizens scratch their heads.


Behind an unsuspecting metal door into what appears to be a kitchen area …

door to prison from the kitchen

there is a prison. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. At 2,500 square feet, the prison portion of the house is an impressive amount of space when added to the 2,457 square feet of the house itself. This sprawling prison has left some curious owners speechless at how much you could get for your money with the extra “storage space”.

The prison even has a reservation room and nine fully functioning prison cells, complete with terrifying-looking steel doors and metal bars.

The history of the house

Howard County House has a rich history behind it. The house / prison combination was built in 1875, 1894 being the year the prison saw its first prisoners. At the time, it was the Howard County Sheriff’s House, but over time the elected sheriffs chose not to live there (we don’t blame them at all). Today, the prison is one of many buildings in the city of Fayette, Missouri that are part of the National Register of Historic Places.


In 2005 the house was auctioned off on eBay, where it was taken over by the current owner who extensively renovated it. The renovation included top crown moldings, high end fixtures and modern light fixtures that make the house an absolute beauty. As for the prison part of the house, however, everything is virtually identical to its original construction.

What awaits us for this house?

While some are understandably bewildered by such an odd addition, others see the home’s uniqueness and the potential it can offer.

Some Twitter users pitched the idea of ​​renovating this home into an Airbnb, while others suggested turning it into some kind of museum. Others have noted that the house has the potential to be a great way to introduce your daughter’s boyfriend to the family, or a great place to send kids when mom and dad need a little break. (They said it, not us!)

prison cell

If you are interested in buying, this home is listed at $ 315,800.

What do you think of this curious house with its own character? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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