The real estate ads launch plan: higher prices, faster sales, more referrals

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In every market transition there are winners and losers. The winners are the agents who differentiate themselves through strategic action plans.

Let’s be honest, the rapid pace of multiple offers and above-list sales has led most agents to just list on MLS and put no effort into marketing.

Whether or not this is happening in your market now or not, a stabilization in the number of trades and an increase in the average number of days in the market is imminent. The market is changing, so agents will need to step up their SEO game to thrive.

Sellers know that their house can sell. They want to know how you will maximize their price with the least amount of headache for them.

Enter your list marketing plan.

To help you continue to grow your business as the market normalizes and loosens your ad marketing muscles, here’s a step-by-step plan to get your ad marketing started – and sell fast, for more. Watch the full video above for more tips on how to keep your salespeople in the know and love you.

The 3 Ps of Marketing Listings

There are three areas to consider when marketing a home. The 1st P means the product. The House. What must be done so that you present this house in the best possible way to the largest audience of potential buyers? This means prepare the house, including landscaping, paint touch-ups, home decluttering and staging. Make sure the product (the house) is looking its best.

The second P means price. What is your pricing strategy? Understand the current state of your local market and communicate it in a way that helps sellers assess the property in a way that maximizes their selling price.

The third P means positioning. This is where we make sure to get as many people through the house as quickly as possible to find the perfect buyer willing to pay a premium for our seller’s house. This is where marketing comes in.

Prepare your plan

Here’s how to get started:

Name it

Anything that is named has more perceived value. I called my marketing plan “the ad launch formula”. While I was sitting with the sellers I was communicating something like this:

“Over the past 20 years, with hundreds of listings sold, I’ve refined my marketing plan for a process that helps you sell your home at the highest possible price, in the least amount of time, and with the least. headache … I call my results system The Listing Launch Formula.

Having a strategic action plan and naming it will make your list presentation stand out.

Prepare for the launch

Let’s start with the basics. Make sure you have professional photos, videos, and 3D virtual tours, like Matterport. The more detailed and professional the photograph, the more likely your online marketing will grab the attention of potential buyers.

Check your signage

Make sure your signage is clean and professional. There is nothing less appealing than driving to a spotless house with a dirty sign up front. Your signage is part of your presentation to neighbors who might also consider selling. Put your best foot forward for this list and potential future business.

Create flyers

Use take-out boxes to promote the house as well as yourself. The front of the flyer must be on the list. Provide enough information to pique the interest of buyers and enough for them to call you for additional information.

Use the back of the flyer to introduce yourself or to direct them to your website. QR codes that direct people to your website or home video are extremely effective right now. Get your flyers printed and ready to be placed in the take out box as soon as the panel goes up.

Make the buzz

Let the neighbors know that the house is coming on the market. Your timing will depend on your local rules for upcoming listings, but use as much time as your local law allows to notify neighbors before the house is put on the market.

Agents can do this in a number of different ways. The most widely used standard is direct mail, but door knocking and phone calls are even more effective.

Knocking on the door would include a conversation like this:

“I’m Sally Agent at ABC Realty, and we’re about to put your neighbor’s house at 123 Live Oak Street on the market this week. We always like to let neighbors know, so if you have a friend or family member who wants to move into the neighborhood, you have the option of helping to find your next neighbor.

Conversation on the phone is very similar. Using a tool like Sly Broadcast is also effective in reaching a large number of neighbors. Sly Broadcast is a technology that allows you to download a group of phone numbers, record a voice message, and then send it to those voice mailboxes. It is an efficient way to reach a large group of neighbors at minimal cost.

Reaching out to neighbors throughout the process will help you stay on top of the list when they are considering selling as well.

Launch day

Differentiate yourself from other agents by sharing with the salesperson not only the how of your marketing, but also why you do certain things. Do the research for your area, but for our local market, Thursdays are the busiest days for our websites.

With that in mind, we like to run our listings on Thursdays to get as much exposure as possible for our sellers. Most websites highlight new listings at the top of their search pages, so we want our customers’ homes to be in the foreground on the busiest days possible.

The launch on Thursday also allows us to create a buzz leading up to the open house that we schedule on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. We like to delay the first screenings until we have our first open house. Here’s how we communicate that to the seller:

“We are putting the tours on hold until the open house to generate as many tours of your home as possible. If we can get other potential buyers to see your home at the same time, we can create an environment where fear of loss can generate more emotional offers at higher potential prices for you.

We also want to take advantage of the open houses to meet neighbors who might be considering selling. We love to use door knocking and phone calls to let neighbors know about the open house with a slight twist.

We are informing the neighbors that the open house will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, but we will invite the neighbors to visit between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. if they want to avoid the expected crowds. If someone shows up between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., you’ll know they’re neighbors and potential future announcements.

Maximize early exposure via social media

Social media is a great way to get your new ad out there quickly. Here are a few ways to showcase your new ad on different platforms:


Facebook offers different ways to market your new ad. Quick video messages from you in front of the house are extremely well received and generate engagement. Posts with links to photos and house details on your website also work well. Documenting your activities before your open house also works very well.

Create easily shareable social graphic posts for your salespeople and their friends / families. This gives you the ability to organically reach their relationships which worsens the exposure of the ad and you as the seller’s trusted agent of choice.


Similar to the idea of ​​Facebook, home social graphics will work great as Instagram posts. Use your story to document the sign that goes up and show some highlights from the house through video tours to get those interested to call for more details.

Putting together an Instagram reel with quick pans of the best amenities in the house is effective when you tag the post with very local hashtags, including the city, neighborhood or area where the house is located.


Professional social graphic posts, videos, and short descriptions written with photos work well on LinkedIn. LinkedIn content is usually best when it gets to the point quickly, but the short written descriptions of the houses work very well here.


Yes, TikTok works for promoting ads. Use songs or voiceovers with photos, videos, and details from your new list to generate a surprising amount of exposure. Don’t overlook this promising format for listing exposure.

A list should generate two additional customers for your business. Having a strategic marketing plan for your ads will help your sellers, and it will help you too. Take action now to formulate your ad marketing plan, and you will see your business grow.

Jimmy Burgess is the Director of Growth for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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