The latest real estate sales in Meriden from January 14 to 21.

MERIDEN – Ownership transfers reported Jan. 14-21.

Indepreet Kaur and Amrit Singh to Troy A. Mullins and Lataunya Tatem, 420 Gracey Ave., $340,000.

David A. Grant to Joanthna Wilson, 21 Brownstone Ridge, $276,000.

Ov Franklin LLC to Simon Pepe Properties LLC, 96 Franklin St. $165,000.

Joseph E. Laskowski and Lee H. Laskowski to Idelis Caraballo, 518 Blackstone Village Unit 518, $118,000.

Jose R. Avila and Guadalupe Avila to Rafael R. Chavez, 11 Hillside St., $230,000.

David Martinez and Rosa M. Martinez to Alez J. Pellot, 82 Willow Street, $250,000.

Miriam Cruz and A. Portorreal-DeTavarez to Mayra L. Genao, 19 Camp St., $193,000.

Albert E. Straniti and Irene J. Straniti to Jose A. Alvarado, 43 Birch Road, $199,000.

Antonio Gomez to Ronald B. Davis, 146 Atkins St., $225,000.

To Carusone Properties LLC at Ov 102 Franklin LLC, 102 Franklin St., $165,000.

Kondaur Capital Real Prop to Caldwell Consulting and Dev, 134 Baldwin St., $160,000.

Cindy Tran to Andrea Richards and Patrick Richards, 290 Bee St., $238,000.

Edwin Saguay and Lourdes Baculima to Alex Loayza, 5 Baldwin St., $230,000.

Jorge L. Acevedo and Carmen J. Acevedo at 78 Maple LLC, 78 Maple St., $177,000.

Shirley D. Ruffino to Christopher M. Krieger and Meah L. Krieger, 177 Foster St., $220,000.

Joshua P. Zaler to Shelby Triplett and Philip Zaler, 160 Orchard St., $180,000.

Louis M. Gold to Jody Phuothavong and Polly Huynh, 130 Collindale Drive, $380,000.

Carmelo Ortiz to Lamont J. Walley, 882 N. Colony Road Unit 76, $185,000.

Stacey Graves to Katie Chideter and Joshua Lublin, 147 Dryden Drive, $250,000.

Figi LLC to 76 Twiss St Holdings LLC, 76 Twiss St., $220,000.

Silver City Properties at William T. Olsen, 58 Round Hill Road, $250,000.

Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Omar Hamideh, 22 Tulip Drive, $146,200.

All-weather home improvement at Eva Caban, 60 Glenview Road, $299,900.

Figi LLC to 59 Twiss St Holdings LLC, 59 Twiss St., $225,000.

Jonathan Wilson to Kelechi Christopher and Constance Christopher, 76 Alcove St., $187,000.

Peter P. Schiavo and Patricia A. Schiavo to Brigido A. Santana, 214 Sherman Ave., $260,000.

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