The latest property sales in Wallingford from July 29th to August 4th.

WALLINGFORD – Property transfers reported from July 29 to August 4.

93 Constitution LLC to Melissa H. Thorpe and Colby J. Thorpe, 93 Constitution St., $310,000.

Thomas W. Durant to Zhen H. Zou and Chao Y. Zheng, 26 Londonderry Drive, $325,000.

Gale P. Musso to Denise E. Bolton and Horace G. Bolton, 68 Farm Hill Road, $475,000.

Matthew D. Nanking to Suzanne Kroeber and Gary Kroeber, 138 Fair St., $375,000.

Joseph E. Tobin and Elizabeth Bossidy-Tobin to George P. Achille Jr. RET and George R. Achille, 438 S. Main St., $379,000.

66 Church St LLC to Leah Janis, 66 Church St., $370,000.

Raymond Connelly and Michelle Connelly to Aiden Appleby, 55 Fritz Place, $375,000.

Laura Shop to Craig T. Allen and Alyssa M. Allen, 14 Parkview Road, $310,000.

Michael D. Trocchio to Joshua Laurello, 50 S. Ridgeland Road, $315,000.

Gregory J. Altieri to Freddy M. Lopez and Sandra J. Toth-Lopez, 141 Brentwood Drive Unit 141, $210,000.

Michael Consiglio and Nicole Consiglio to Kristin Dinicola, 121 Colonial Hill Drive Unit 121, $321,000.

Kevin M. Tiscia to Karthi K. Jakkli-Sounder and Nohemi Nunez-Desounder, 21 Cornernwell Road, $415,000.

Brandon Derose and Ashley Derose to Nina Aly, 52 Pierson Drive, $360,000.

AR Gaudio-Barbeau to Kito Family LP, 59 Powers Road, $425,000.

Travis Biega to Antonio Russo, 75 White Tail Lane Unit 75, $225,000.

Eva Lamothe to Marianne L. Callahan, 74 Dannys Way Unit 74, $33,900.

Michael Caro to Brenda Shuler, 427 Williams Road, $450,000.

Bank Of New York Mellon to Richard A. Ruggiero, 950 New Rock Hill Road, $241,501.

George L. Horvath to Mark A. Farrell and Leslie Farrell, 47 Dannys Way Unit 47, $175,000.

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