The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Hilarious Bedroom Post In Real Estate Ad

A cozy and quaint home in the middle of the Wisconsin wilderness is trending online, especially for a hilarious message proudly displayed above the bed in the master bedroom.

The list was shared by the Twitter account @zillowgonewildknown for sharing hilarious advertisements listed on real estate site Zillow.

Located at W6547 Woodland Pass in Onalaska Wisconsin, this home draws a lot of attention for the “Welcome to Poundtown” sign that hangs above the bedroom, a bold design choice to say the least.


In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, according to Urban Dictionary, Poundtown is “the hypothetical place you go to when you want to pound, i.e., have sex with someone; hence POUNDtown.

What might be another cheeky detail is the fact that the home is listed at $420,000. Kidding aside, you could do worse than this rancher-style home, whose homes we’ve seen cost close to $2 million in some parts of Canada.

Built in 1989, the home features four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. It has 3,600 square feet, a basement and a two-car garage.

If you are a lover of wild nature, this house is surrounded by it.

hilarious real estate

@zillowgonewild joked that the inside of the house is what happens when “your Michael’s obsession goes crazy”.

hilarious real estate

The house features an interesting color palette. It’s a mix of blue and gray, with varying shades of white.

The hilarious real estate ad tweet has been liked over 30,000 times and garnered some funny reactions.

In case you were wondering where Poundtown was, now you know it’s in a room in Wisconsin.

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