The Fiji Times » Call for a ‘price cap’ on property sales

There remains a depressed housing environment in Fiji, says opposition MP Aseri Radrodro.

He made the comment in parliament during the debate on the revised national budget 2021-2022.

“If we appreciate the help given to the first owners, we must carry out a particular audit on the budget provided for this program since its inception,” he said.

“Its effective implementation given the number of requirements typically demanded of candidates.”

Mr Radrodro said he had asked the government to consider imposing a price cap on property sales around Fiji to allow the level of income in Fiji to be commensurate with the affordability of housing prices .

“I had alerted to the deplorable living conditions, in particular of university students benefiting from housing allowances.

“Some have had to rent from squatters because of affordability. It comes down to the fact that housing prices are just too high.

Mr Radrodro said the economy minister might suggest it was market driven, however, history was there for us to learn.

“Developed countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are now a market for the wealthy and the elite, where the entry of real estate companies has driven up prices in the housing industry.

“Fiji is just a developing country and yet we have seen international property companies enter our domestic markets. We have to be human and logical about it.

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