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A proposed apartment building in the center of Queenstown promises to add interest to an established residential area.

Robins Queenstown Ltd, a company linked to the original part of the large Jade Lake complex in Fernhill, has applied for resource clearance for a 9.4 meter high three-storey building at 37 Robins Road.

Using the natural slope of the site, the building’s four levels and 13.6m high, viewed from Horne Creek on its eastern boundary – the additional floor allowing underground parking for 11 vehicles.

The building, replacing an existing house, would consist of 22 residential units, with balconies, ranging from studios to single beds to triples.

The applicant is also requesting consent for visitor accommodation for each unit, so that owners can live there or rent them out short or long term.

The site is bounded to the north by Flaming Kiwi Backpackers, is virtually opposite the Queenstown Primary School playgrounds and only 200m from the recreation ground.

The building was designed by Ignite Architects.

The distinctive facade features a protruding structure providing balcony space above and a double-height porticoed “front door” experience.

With a footprint of 536 m², it covers 65.4% of the site, less than the maximum 70% authorized for its zoning.

Much of the rest of the building, particularly when viewed from Robins Rd, also meets district planning requirements, according to the consent application prepared by Vivian + Espie Ltd of Queenstown.

The same company produced a landscaping plan that included native plantings in the front, river rocks around the building, climbing plants on the north side of the basement, and riverside plantings adjacent to Horne Creek.

The application is currently the subject of a “limited notification”, in which seven neighboring owners, considered to be affected parties, have until Wednesday to file their observations.

By Philip Chandler

[email protected]

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