Reitrades Brings Elite Commercial Real Estate Sales into the 21st Century

MIAMI, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Real estate disruptor Reitrades recently commented on its rapid membership growth, offering compelling reasons why high-value real estate sellers and buyers are turning to using the new real estate technology from Reitrades. Reitrades’ innovative, invitation-only digital platform is a marketplace for trading premium-priced assets $10 million and covers commercial real estate investment properties of all asset classes across United States. Giving sellers access to the largest organized network of accredited buyers – with direct offers, no brokers and costs at just 0.1% per successful transaction – Reitrades is now the future of commercial real estate transactions.

We live in a technological era where every industry is updated with extremely powerful technology-driven solutions and automations,” said Artur Muller, founder of Reitrades. “At Reitrades, we believe the commercial real estate industry has fallen behind when it comes to buying and selling assets, using strategies that were created centuries ago. 2021 and 2022 have been major years for the advent of PropTech real estate, with far more investors already embracing this inevitable evolution, so we’ve created an up-to-date solution that offers an easier, faster and less expensive to transact.

Reitrades: one platform, many benefits

We are a private marketplace for accredited real estate investors to directly buy and sell high-value commercial real estate assets. There are a relatively small number of buyers playing in this space, unlike smaller assets, so it only makes sense that they are all gathered here. Our fees are also very low: we charge a flat rate of 0.1%. And since we only charge for this when a deal closes – with no listing agreement or minimum period required to list properties for sale – there is no financial risk in using our platform.

Reitrades technology allows us to prepare an investment property for sale all over the country,” Muller said. “Previously, property and owner data was difficult to access and accessible to only a few, while understanding local markets required niche expertise, as well as analytical, preparation and marketing skills. . Managing it all took a lot of research and hard work, not to mention the effort to find the right audience for your ads. But those days are over. Data has become much more accessible, while past advantages like local expertise are no longer a requirement when it comes to selling investment property. Brokers use basic versions of the high-tech tools we offer on our platform. Yet they’re only doing a fraction of the work they used to and still charging the same fees.”

“The National Association of Realtors said just a few years ago that technological disruption to commercial real estate is a welcome change. for an obsolete industry,” Muller explained. “Reports also tell us that commercial real estate volume grew 10% more than the previous quarter in the second quarter of 2022 alone – $167 billion After. And investor sales in the multifamily sector hit a record high of $277.2 billion in the first quarter of 2022, driven by rising rents and a housing shortage. While other general real estate surveys reveal that buyers and sellers are already using PropTech; in fact, they expect it. The commercial real estate industry ignores technological advancements at its own peril, because the industry is booming – and the change is already here.”

“At Reitrades, we are simply following this inevitable trend: leveraging technology and data to identify accredited investors, while bringing them together in a sophisticated business framework. Simply put, we offer sellers a highly competitive alternative to significantly lower cost. And all from a single advanced, easy-to-use and fully automated platform.”

Reitrades invites accredited commercial real estate investors to explore the platform in depth and apply for membership online. And all are invited to follow Reitrades on social media for technical updates and other platform news: LinkedIn.

About Reitrades – Powerful Automations; Transparent transactions

Reitrades is a private, broker-free, end-to-end digital marketplace for accredited real estate investment firms – offering direct sales that save investors billions in hard-earned shares through high commission fees. Find out more at:

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