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Estate agents try to convince future owners that a property is hot. A Florida real estate agent posted a property for $99,000 that was really warm.

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This house was on fire. Literally.

A Zillow listing released Tuesday shows a burning St. Petersburg home with smoke billowing from the roof, Bay News 9 reported. The caption, written by real estate agent Dylan Jaeck, urges buyers to “bring your smores (sic) to the campfire and build the house of your dreams”.

Jaeck told the Tampa Bay Times he heard the fire happened nine months ago. The previous owners sold it to a client Jaeck represents, the newspaper reported.

“It’s an amazing deal posted on the internet and people loved it,” Jaeck told Bay News 9. “It’s obviously going to get your attention.”

The property is located at 742 Southwest Blvd. N. in St. Petersburg.

Jaeck’s approach to selling the property may seem far-fetched and may cause irritation at the next meeting of the Pinellas Realtor organization, but the listing makes it clear that the house is doomed.

“This property was commissioned from the city to be demolished and is being sold for the value of the land,” the Zillow listing reads.

The property, listed by Coldwell Banker, shows the home to be a three-bedroom, three-bathroom residence with 1,280 square feet of living space.

Jaeck, who works for St. Petersburg-based Luxury and Beach Realty, Inc., has been a realtor for five years, The Times reported. He called his tactic “creative marketing” and hopes his phone will be saturated with potential buyers.

“The reason we put the photo of the fire is so you know this property needs to be demolished and you can build a new dream home,” Jaeck told Bay News 9. “It’s creative marketing .It’s a niche.I have people talking.

“Some real estate agents and even some brokers tried to think it looked very unprofessional, that I would post someone’s house that’s on fire. But on the neutral side, people think ‘Hey, he’s smart”. And potentially, that could get me a buyer.”

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