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Real estate scene foreclosure recovery

With increasing activity in Abu Dhabi’s real estate scene after the second quarter of 2020, more companies are taking a holistic approach to property management in order to recover from the COVID-19 effect on property development, the market, management utilities and services. Investors are now considering buying more spacious properties as movement restrictions imposed due to the pandemic are lifted.

Statistics released by the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) revealed that the value of real estate transactions in Abu Dhabi rose 34% to 6.3 billion dirhams ($ 1.72 billion) at the end of April. , through 2,617 real estate transactions, compared to 4.6 billion dirhams ($ 1.25 billion) in 1,840 transactions during the same period last year.

A holistic approach to real estate

Abu Dhabi commercial real estate companies are now striving to secure the long-term asset value of buildings while adopting a holistic property management strategy by their professionals.

With the holistic approach, property management can go a long way from critical analysis and performance improvement to rent collection, lease management, maintenance planning, scheduled inspection and liaison with tenants.

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Adopting such a successful approach has proven to be effective in meeting future rental needs, from lease renewals to scheduled preventive maintenance, in addition to meeting tenant demands, resulting in increased customer loyalty. tenants and improve return on investment.

The advantages of property management solutions

The goal of holistic property management is not only the growth of the business, it also aims to provide the best tenant experience which leads to promoting growth in return.

By hiring professionals to manage your property, you will save time, money and inconvenience, which will increase your ability to focus on your core business and ensure that your property is managed and maintained efficiently and meets requirements. highest standards. Having a 360 degree view of the property management ecosystem will allow you to thrive in your business and increase tenant loyalty and retention.

Property management in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties (ADCP) has a dedicated team of real estate professionals with extensive experience in property management across the Emirates (UAE). ADCP sets an example with a range of tailor-made services that go beyond the global approach of property management to cover the collection of rents and charges, lease management, liaison with tenants, planning of maintenance, compliance with building regulations, construction studies, mechanical and electrical maintenance, general repairs, periodic inspections, contractor assessment and review, and facilities management services, which serve to increase real estate investments in the real estate area of ​​Abu Dhabi.

ADCP provides proactive service in both single-let and multi-let investor portfolios. This means that a team of professionals will critically analyze each building to look for ways to improve performance in a holistic way, ensuring the long-term value of your asset.

ADCP goes the extra mile by providing maintenance services to serve the owner and tenants and to keep the building fully operational.

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As part of its corporate responsibility, aligned with its holistic method, ADCP promotes the health and well-being of its tenants and owners through the publication of monthly newsletters and offers fire safety training, drills. routine fire, CPR training, etc. was carried out several times in 2017, in all branches and every year organizes “ADCP Health Days” in partnership with local medical centers. Periodically at ADCP branches, physicians provide baseline exams and other resources to ADCP staff and clients.

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