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The opening of the U-turn flyover at Jalan Lintas from Heritage Plaza to Lintas Plaza/Lintas Square on April 20 marks the start of “more noise and dust pollution” for roadside houses in Taman Milek Phase 1 and on the other side of the road.

What many were unaware of was the loss of “the playground which has been reduced in size due to the construction and expansion of the main road and flyover” which intruded into the area of ​​their playground.

Now just a strip of dirt next to the road and flyover driveway.

For years, under the Housing Development Act, property developers in Sabah had to allocate around 5-10% of their development area as the recreational playground of the housing estate they were developing.

For Taman Milek Phase 1, the size and quiet vibe of theirs “changed forever”.

Previously, even the roadside billboard advertising a paint mark “had been moved to their playground from the roadside shoulder taken over for the flyover construction.”

Lawsuits, complaints to the authorities were in vain.

Now the resale value of our semi-detached homes is depressed as a result of such development which has turned their prime residential neighborhood into a less desirable location with traffic noise and dust pollution, not to mention a few houses next to the flyover, the potential for a heavy vehicle leaving the flyover and falling on their house.


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