Pipeline monitoring contract: OSPAC wants applications included

The ONELGA Security Planning and Advisory Committee (OSPAC) demanded its inclusion in the pipeline monitoring contract awarded to Tantita Security Limited, a private security company owned by the popularly known former Niger Delta activist Chief Government Epemepolo under the name Tompolo.

OSPAC is also a private security company founded in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area in Rivers State a few years ago and has always provided security in almost all parts of the state.

Speaking in an interview in Port Harcourt recently, the Commanding General of OSPAC Nigeria, Kingsley Ogwumike, argued that the N4 billion pipeline protection contract with Tompolo should include other groups like OSPAC , who has played a vital role in ensuring the safety of lives and property in various parts of Rivers State.

Ogwumike said there is a need for fairness in the way these contracts are awarded so that no part of the oil-rich Niger Delta region is left out.

He lamented that parts of the region are often overlooked whenever such programs are implemented, noting that ONELGA and other mountain areas of the oil communities have always been excluded despite being the only ones. to have kept the peace at the height of militancy. and youth unrest that nearly crippled the country’s oil production.

He specifically demanded that security teams like OSPAC, which has a credible record of achievement, be involved in the security of oil exploration and production in their areas of operations.

He said; “I want to take this opportunity to call on the government and Tompolo and all those involved in the monitoring contract, to ensure that it must be comprehensive and fairly distributed to accommodate all groups interested in the oil-rich region. , to avoid the feeling of marginalization of some people.


“From our perspective, we sincerely and wholeheartedly call on all parties concerned to include OSPAC in the scheme of things. We believe this is a better opportunity for those in the Niger Delta region to recognize OSPAC’s efforts and their contributions to ensuring peace and security of life and property in every local government area where we operate. find. And by the special grace of God, we also fall within the catchment area and jurisdiction in which monitoring work will be carried out to secure not only the pipeline, but also the lives and properties within that area,”

The OSPAC Commander added; “We are quietly and patiently awaiting a positive response from the committee formed to see that OSPAC receives its quota.

“On the other hand, we call on the multinationals, especially those of ONELGA and its subsidiaries, to stop denying our contributions and our efforts to guarantee peace, common sense and an enabling environment for them to operate. in the region and their host communities.

“They shouldn’t forget so soon what they had to face in the past, the homage and the reward they were forced to pay to certain elements who claimed to be generals and all that.”

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