NYSC warns corps members against political commitments

The Lagos State government, the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, have engaged in counter-accusations regarding the collection of the parking fee, the state’s tax regime.
The Lagos State government, however, dismissed the widespread condemnation by members of the public as propaganda aimed at undermining the good intentions of the state government.
The charges came following a notice from the Lagos State Parking Authority, LASPA, served on a landlord for setback parking which later went viral on social media.
A memo titled: “Parking Permit and Notice of Application” which was obtained showed that residents are required by law to pay a certain fee for parking on property setbacks or in front of their property.
In a letter dated August 15 and sent by LASPA to Nellies, a food and snacks company, the agency charged N290,000 for setback parking.
According to the letter, the agency charged N80,000 per annum for three off-street parking spaces with N50,000 as a non-refundable administrative processing fee.
Part of the letter read: “The Lagos State Parking Authority, established by statute to consolidate all matters relating to parking and its related purposes with powers and duties, clearly states that the Authority will, among other things, be responsible for all forms of car park management as it stands.
“In view of the above, and in line with the administration’s policy to move Lagos State towards a 21st century economy to align with the first pillar of the theme agenda of which transport is key, your organization hereby receives this notice of application for reverse (off-street) parking in front of your premises prior to commencement of enforcement action.
“Based on the inspection, we have identified three (3) parking spaces on your setback at the rate of N80,000 per space per year for a total of only N240,000.00.
“In addition, a non-refundable administrative/processing fee of N50,000, only applies depending on your location for a total of N290,000.00, payable for the year 2022, to be paid into the account from the Lagos State Parking Authority within seven days of receipt of this letter.
Meanwhile, reacting to tax policy, the Lagos State PDP in a statement ridiculed APC for introducing such a levy on residents which it said would further impoverish the people.
The PDP condemned the parking tax on the reverse of property as “exorbitant”, and an attempt to “dredge the people of the state to fund the individual ambition of a man who had held the state and his people by the jugular”.
Reacting to PDP’s allegation, APC Lagos State Publicity Secretary Seye Oladejo described it as “embarrassing and despicable”.
According to Oladejo, “We received with shock the unfortunate statement released by the PDP, Lagos State, on the new parking policy in the state. of Lagos and in his characteristic way, made outlandish, embarrassing and despicable allegations.
“It should be noted that in the efforts of the Lagos State Government to address the growing need for regulation of chaotic parking in the state, it has enacted legislation establishing the Lagos State Parking Authority – LASPA.
“According to recent statistics from the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), there are over 13 million active vehicles plying Nigerian roads today. Of this figure, more than 2 million cars are in Lagos. About 10% of cars have to park every day.
“The visionary drive of successive Lagos State governments, which has seen Lagos State gradually emerge as a true 21st century city-state, with a booming economy, first-class infrastructure and service support, obviously goes beyond the altered contemplation of the PDP. What happens to the PDP in its well-known short-sightedness is politics and money.
“In the most ridiculous way, the opposition party instead sees an opportunity to pool a wool over the eyes of the people of the state, pretending to have an altruistic interest in their welfare.
“It is easy for discerning people in this state to see past the hypocritical sympathy of the PDP. Otherwise, if the PDP leadership had such concern for the Lagosians, it should be shown to alleviate the untold hardships that many people in the state face on the road daily.
“It bears repeating for the information of the general public that LASPA or any of its employees or agents will not charge for cars parked at any complex. However, any car parked on the margin, such person, organization or group of persons will be charged accordingly”.
“A setback (for obvious reasons) is the space between your perimeter fence and the walkway or road, as the case may be.
“Anyone claiming ownership of a setback around their property will be required to provide the authority with an official document from the MDA authorized in Lagos State showing legal ownership of said setback and the Traffic Impact Assessment Certificate (TIA) of the property. .
“For the avoidance of doubt, the primary duty of LASPA is to regulate parking to reduce traffic congestion caused by blind parking, reduce travel time, loss of productive working hours and economic downtime which, multiplied by the average wage rate, amount to billions of naira. and reduce incessant road accidents. These are by far lofty goals aimed at making Lagos conducive to all residents.
APC, therefore, urged locals to ignore what it called, “the charlatans who currently run the PDP in the state and team up with LASPA to achieve the goal of making our road free of traffic jams.” .

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