New YouTube series hopes to boost Wilton estate sales [VIDEO]

WILTON, CT — A local real estate agent who foresees a residential real estate crisis is taking the case and on YouTube.

Mark Pires, a Berkshire Hathaway real estate agent in New Canaan, isn’t optimistic about Southwestern Connecticut’s real estate prospects. He thinks the threat of COVID-19 that has driven wealthy homebuyers out of New York and the Nutmeg State has lost much of its bite.

“We’ve been living in a bubble for two years, people are selling houses and they’re way above the asking price. And as a real estate agent, I said, ‘this is going to change, we’re going to have to start selling our cities again, very soon,’ Pires told Patch.

The veteran video content producer has therefore launched a new series, in which he visits these cities and extols their virtues while exploring part of their history. Pires started his Odyssey video in southwestern Connecticut and made Wilton one of his first stops.

Pires records approximately three hours of raw material each week, which he edits into a 21-25 minute program. He says the length is perfect for a syndicator who wants to distribute the show nationally after inserting a few commercials. A new episode of “Get to Know America” ​​drops on YouTube every Sunday night at 8 p.m.

The Wilton episode delves deep into the town’s history, as Pires visits Wilton Congregational Church, the village of Cannondale, and the Wilton Historical Society and Museum.

The realtor thinks he does a better job creating promotional videos for Connecticut towns than towns often do for their own municipal websites.

“I’ve seen some of these city videos, they’re terrible,” he said. “They spent $250,000 on (a video). It was so impersonal, it was like watching these people smile. And I was like, ‘That’s not what people want.'”

The Fairfield native believes he has a more sensitive finger on the popular pulse, with YouTube videography to back it up. Pires has been producing a live show on the streaming site every day since New Year’s Eve 2018. He’s also a singer-songwriter, with 183 songs on iTunes and a 15th album due out shortly.

He says he hopes his feverish production inspires people to “realize that they can do anything, because I’m married with three kids, and I keep showing up.”

So far, Pires has created promotional videos of the town for free, to generate interest in real estate in the area. This was not easy for some city officials to understand.

“I even had one of the cities say to me, you know, you have to pay a permit to shoot, I said, ‘I’m doing this for free so people can move to your city!'”

Soon, he hopes. Pires thinks there is a post-pandemic toll to come:

“We are now at a point where rates are scaring people off.”

Pires says buyers and sellers can still expect bidding wars, except soon all bids will be underneath the original asking price.

Would-be Wilton homebuyers have seen much of their disposable income “wiped out over the past month and a half,” Pires said. “So now you’re looking at a normal market at a time when we have inflation and people aren’t making more money. So this is all a recipe for disaster…people who were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​buying real estate now think differently.”

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