Man browsing online real estate ad sees his own cat lounging in his bedroom

Freddie the cat pictured in an online property ad lounging in Michael Hubank’s neighbor’s house. (Michael Hubank)

A British man was browsing an online property advert for his neighbour’s house when he spotted someone he recognized from one of the photos: his own cat lying on a bed in the house.

“Neighbors just put the house up for sale. Couldn’t help but check Zoopla. He’s our fucking cat,” Michael Hubank wrote in a post on Twitter.

He posted a photo of his cat, Freddy, resting on the bed in one of the bedrooms at the listed property. The tweet has since garnered over 328,000 likes.

In an email to FOX television stations, Hubank said he noticed the tweet and photo of his cat cheered up a lot of people during a difficult time.

“We’re still under COVID restrictions here, but no lockdown for Freddy, apparently,” he said.

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Hubank explained that he brought flowers to his neighbor and was able to pick up Freddie. He said someone had already made an offer on the house, but the owners had promised to only sell to a cat lover.

Hubank posted a follow-up photo of Freddie returning home on March 29. “Back home. For now… Alright. Enough cats,” he wrote.

Hubank said he noticed many people, especially in the United States, keep their cats indoors.

“I had responses from all over the world, including many from the United States. I learned that many people kept indoor cats in the United States, so this must have seemed particularly strange,” he said. he declares. “Here, the cats are free.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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