Lakehurst Council discusses aging buildings and vehicles

Mayor Harry Robbins and LHS President George Oglesby (photo by Bob Vosseller)

LAKEHURST – Board members discussed the dilapidation of some of the city’s properties at a recent Borough Council meeting.

City Councilor Gary Lowe reported problems with a gymnasium that had been set up for some city staff. “We have problems with the heating. We fixed the bottom one, but fixing the top one would be extremely expensive.

“The only reason to have it is that there are bathrooms downstairs. So what we’re going to do is replace the urinal with a toilet that will serve as a bathroom. That way we can shut off the water upstairs and we won’t have to worry about freezing, ”Lowe added. “It can save us money so that later when we have the funds, we can fix the radiator up there because at the moment there is no reason to have it or spend the money on it. replace because our fund is too small. “

Regarding the washroom, Lowe also reported on the state of repairs to the Lake Horicon bathroom. The new metal bathrooms were commissioned last summer and were vandalized in the fall. “They finally got the order. They had a problem shipping the outdoor gear and it’s in transit.

Following the vandalism at the lake, the governing body decided to purchase cameras, some of which would be installed near the toilets. “The cameras were installed in the bathrooms and at Borough Hall,” Lowe added.

He also noted vehicle maintenance issues. “We have suffered a number of tires over the past two months due to the dump. Hopefully we have cleared these hurdles. We had to replace four tires and they can get very expensive.

City Councilor James Davis has voiced concerns from the Department of Public Works management, fearing that the governing body sees it as “a waste of money.” We have the four tires and the backhoe re-engine, and the heaters in the public works aren’t working, so trying to keep these buildings heated becomes a chore because they’re older and they need parts.

Davis also reported that “the pavilion was damaged. Significant damage occurred. A tree has fallen on it and it is roped up.

Mayor Harry Robbins said he assumed the insurance company would provide a quote for his repair.

“Everything is showing his age right now,” Davis added.

He and Lowe noted that an online auction of discarded / unused borough goods went well.

City Councilor Robert McCarthy said the Lakehurst School Board received a state grant of $ 20,000 that would provide additional security.

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