Jim Valentine: What is a real estate ad?

Jim Valentine on real estate

The phrase “real estate listing” is odd for sure, especially if you are new to real estate. What does this mean in the world? In reality, it’s pretty straightforward as it means you are giving a real estate seller the right to sell your house. There are several types of advertisements such as openness, agency exclusivity, and sales exclusivity. The most common you will come across is the latter, exclusive right to sell.
The exclusive right provides that no matter who sells the property, the listing agent will be paid. The exclusive agency provides that if an agent sells the house, the agent will be paid, but the owner can reserve the right to sell the property himself. Open listing occurs when a homeowner notifies people that their property is for sale and that they will pay an agent if they bring them a buyer.
Some people mistakenly think that if they offer an open list, many agents will work on it. In fact, the opposite is generally true in such situations since there is no protection for the agent for their efforts. He could be overwhelmed at the last minute after a prolonged marketing effort and negotiation. It is the same with the exclusive agency. The agent could work hard on it and put the seller in contact with a buyer somehow and leave them out because they have no protection. There is no real cost savings in such cases, so it really comes down to a seller’s feeling that there is more flexibility. As you now know, in reality there is none.
When you sign an ad with an agent, he agrees to be diligent in marketing your home. These are key words. An agent should help you determine a price, marketing strategy, assess the condition of your home, determine your wants and needs in terms of timing, value, etc. How much work you will do to prepare the house for marketing and more. It takes a long time to accomplish and is only done through the skills, experience and knowledge of the agent who helps you achieve your goals.
The agent should be able to help you get more for your property, faster than you could on your own, and most importantly, keep you safe along the way. In the contentious society we live in today, it is very important that you know what your parameters are when making decisions along the way. Your listing agent can guide you and share their perspective on why things are being done the way they are for your protection. This understanding can go a long way to help you relax during the process.
Your agent will market the property to attract agents and / or buyers. Where and how this happens will depend on your property, the demographics of its potential buyers, and market factors. Tell them about their marketing plan for you. If you have any expectations, express them. You may have ideas that were gradually abandoned years ago. For example, with the advent of the Internet, there is more online advertising and less print advertising. With COVID and a vibrant market, there aren’t as many tours and open houses. The business is transforming and adapting, just make sure you have an agent who does this well and you will have a good experience.
Don’t risk trying to save a dime on your commission or earn a dime on your prize. Without the guidance and protection of a good listing agent, you could spend much, much more than that to fend off lawsuits. Some costumes can be real, some frivolous, but whatever, they’re real and cost real money when you’re in that situation. Buy your listing agent and get a good sense of trust and confidence and a good understanding of what they can and will do for you. This will not only give you more of what you want, but will help you sleep better at night along the way.
Like a good lawyer or a good doctor, a good real estate agent “is worth his weight in gold!” The emotional, financial and physical benefits of having a top notch listing agent at your service are well worth it.
When it comes to choosing professionals to support you in your real estate needs … Experience is priceless! Jim Valentine, RE / MAX Realty affiliates, 775-781-3704. [email protected]

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