It’s time to tackle widespread insecurity

Let me start with the adage that “charity begins at home”. This adage is correct in the sense that if the house is not in order, the city will be like a dump. It will be in chaos. Many politicians aspire to become the center of attention in 2023, but they seem less concerned about the relentless crime and insecurity that has reached a crescendo in the country at the moment.

All politicians jostling for one position or another should set their priorities. They should prioritize the welfare of the masses they intend to rule. Apparently, Nigerians are tired of the idea of ​​’promise and failure’. Politicians become something else when they occupy the seat of power. Enough is enough: we don’t want campaigns that bring no change to our country.

The pertinent question that everyone asks is: are we going to continue like this? Only God is the guarantor of the safety of life and property in the country at the moment. Moreover, the strangulation of the economy does not benefit anyone, rich or poor. The prices of basic necessities are exploding every day.

The Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) plans to go on strike if the fuel subsidy is removed in June this year. Everything must be done so that this country does not go up in flames. What those aspiring to run the country in 2023 should do is synergize with the federal government on how peace will reign in the country.

The fact remains that it will be difficult for the successors of the current leaders to govern the country if there is no peace. Those in charge of affairs in the country should strive to address the pervasive insecurity in the country. Peace and tranquility must reign in every nook and cranny of the country.

Reverend Michael Olalekan Oladimeji,


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