Industries that have experienced the strongest growth in online sales | Entertainment News

Close your eyes and imagine the Internet of 2005 in your mind. It’s much smaller, there’s hardly any Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram don’t exist yet. But are you buying online? This is the key question.

Yes, sites like Amazon were huge even in 2005, but the online retail climate was very different than today. Indeed, many of the industries on this list had the online share well below 1% of their total sales in 2005.

donation wizard analyzed data from the Annual Retail Trade Survey by the US Census Bureau (released January 2022) to rank the industries that have experienced the strongest 15-year growth in online sales between 2005 and 2020. This survey looks at retail sales in virtually every industry, broken down into categories wider. The US Census Bureau collects information for dozens of surveys, even for years that don’t cap decades.

Gyms, hair and nail salons, and other personal care businesses, gas stations, and motor vehicle and auto parts dealerships were excluded from the analysis because complete census data does not weren’t available to these types of businesses in recent years. But the industries reporting those sales in the survey paint a picture of a rapidly changing world when it comes to online sales, with $815 billion in online sales in 2020. That’s a nearly 800% increase from compared to data measured by the census for 2005. .

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