Incredible 12 meter “cave” hidden in a real estate ad

Extra bedrooms in a house are always a bonus, but a family in the United States will eventually become the proud owners of a cave with convenient access from the living room.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Pennsylvania is listed at AUD$418,336 (US$297,000), described as a “special” home on Zillow, an online real estate marketplace.

“Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the real cave in the basement!” the description reads. “Bring your ideas or your fascination for history and come see this unique house!”

The living room door opens onto a cellar. Source: Zillow

According to the Century 21 real estate agency, the cave existed when the previous owners bought the house and was connected to tunnels that passed under the city.

Natalia Latsios, the listing agent, said when she first heard the house had a cave, she didn’t realize it would be as big as it is.

“I imagined something much smaller,” she told Insider. “But this cave was almost 40 feet (12 m) long.”

The cave has been around since the previous owners bought the house in 1998. Source: Zillow

The cave has been around since the previous owners bought the house in 1998. Source: Zillow

Ms Latsios said the seller renovated the three-storey house with his late wife after they moved in in 1998 and raised their four sons there.

Although the previous owners have researched the original reason for the cave, some locals say that there are “natural” caves under several houses.

The cave is 12 meters long with a dirt floor.

The cave is 12 meters long. Source: Zillow

Social media users react to the post

Instagram and Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild posted photos of the unusual house to the delight of amused followers.

“I love how they put these photos in the middle and then continue the rest of the home tour like they’re not just showing an absolute dungeon hidden behind that door,” one user wrote on Facebook.

“Misused details in the living areas, but this provides a great underground torture chamber capable of housing multiple devices,” another joked.

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