How to market your new real estate ad for FREE

Want to stand out from the competition and win the ad? To maximize the likelihood that you get listed, include these strategies in your marketing plan. The best part? They will cost you absolutely nothing.

Competition for listings in most markets is fierce. As 2022 approaches, however, many markets are starting to experience a slowdown. Others have already moved into a strong buyer’s market, with property values ​​falling by the same amount 15.9 percent over the past two years.

To win the ad in a strong seller’s market, you must be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. If your market is slowing down or has already entered a recession, it’s time to aggressively market your ads and sell them before prices drop even more.

Here are seven ways to market your new listing at no cost that will also help your sellers get the best possible price for their property.

1. Your brochure box

Let’s face it. Brochure boxes are a problem keeping full. They often leak, destroying your brochures, and you have to wait for the buyer to call you.

One of my neighbors has just listed his house. Our subdivision does not allow traditional sales signs but does allow brochure boxes. Here’s what his agent did:

There are many free services that will provide you with a QR code to use on your brochure box and print your marketing materials. Still, upgrading to a service that provides a “dynamic” QR code is worth the price.

Dynamic QR codes track where and when the scan takes place and provide you with the scanner phone number. Visme has a list of 13 of the best dynamic QR code generators for 2021.

2. Facebook business page for your main market sector (s) or niches

Facebook’s terms of service prohibit you from marketing your ads on your personal profile. However, Facebook allows you to create multiple business pages at no cost. Here’s what to include on this page:

  • Updates on what is happening in your local community.
  • Videos of local businesses, including interviews with their owners.
  • Photos and videos of local events such as music festivals, holiday parades, farmers markets, etc.
  • Up-to-date property values ​​including price trend.
  • Information on local schools as well as a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Updates on city council meetings, zoning, roads and other local issues.

Update this information frequently to motivate people to visit your Facebook business page repeatedly.

3. “Sole proprietorship” Facebook business page

For over a decade, single property websites that use the property’s address as the URL ( have been a powerful way to market your ads. In a flat or slowing market, it is certainly worth it.

You can use the same strategy using Facebook business pages at zero cost. For each of your listings, create an FB business page that uses the property’s address as the name of the business page.

Be sure to include the address, city, and zip code, as these are the primary search terms consumers use when looking for a home. Fill your page with:

  • All information from your company page for the market area.
  • Photos and videos of the property.
  • 3D virtual tours.
  • Drone photography.
  • Any important information on funding, movement of resources, etc.

4. Facebook market

One of the best places to market your ads for free is Facebook Marketplace. This site works like most property search sites including Craigslist, which is another place where you can market your ads at no cost.

Unlike Craigslist, which moves properties up based on when they were posted and is often riddled with other issues like bogus listings, you can’t publish on Facebook Marketplace from your Facebook news feed. Facebook Marketplace accepts properties for sale and for rent.

5. Oodle Market

You might never have heard of Oodle, but it’s one of the best places to post your ads for free. Oodle is currently the largest classifieds aggregator, posting listings from sites like eBay,, as well as listings from local newspapers and websites.

According to Wikipedia, Ooodle also powers the classified websites of other companies, including The Sun, The Washington Post Express, The New Your Post, AOL, Lycos, as well as non-traditional classified hosting sites like Walmart. Oodle has also powered the Facebook Marketplace for a number of years.

In the screenshot below for Austin, Texas, Oodle currently has links to approximately 7,500 listings. (Please note that some of these may be rentals.)

6. Quirky testimonials

Since Google owns YouTube and its algorithm also relies heavily on LinkedIn to match searches to the right person, video testimonials cost you nothing and are great for generating additional leads for your business.

Additionally, consumers almost always seek information from agents before contacting them about buying or selling a property. Now, you might be curious about how video testimonials can help you market your ad. Here is how it works.

  • Ask your salespeople and ask, “What do you like living in this region? In other words, you are asking for a testimonial about the area, not for yourself.
  • Then post this video to whatever online resource you use to market the list. Also send the link to sellers so they can post it to their Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Now here’s the twist. Ask them if they know of anyone else who would be willing to give a “testimony of what is wonderful about here”. Make sure to send the video to that person as they will put you in front of all of their friends and followers.
  • You can also post them on LinkedIn, which gives you additional visibility. Best of all, these videos seem like testimonials for you.

7. Repost your videos on multiple platforms

A single property video can capture a variety of content. For example, you can shoot videos of the property itself with or without you, a virtual tour where you highlight three things that make that ad special or a hundred more.

If you shoot a longer video, it can be split into shorter videos for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok. The point is, the more places you post it, the more exposure your ad gets. Here are some places to post:

  • E-mail: Rather than using words to let a potential buyer know about your ad, send them a video.
  • Facebook: Post the video to your Facebook business pages, both for the area and your business page using the property’s address as the page name.
  • Instagram: It’s a great place to post short videos that highlight specific aspects of the property or what’s great about living in the area.
  • MLS: Use unbranded video tour with your professional photos.
  • TIC Tac: Post short videos and pair them with trending music from TikTok. The main thing is to have fun and, if possible, to highlight what is strange or unique.
  • Youtube: if you haven’t already, create your own channel, then create a playlist of videos associated with each of your ads. Your salespeople will love it!

To maximize the likelihood that you will get signed up, include this list of services as part of your “premium marketing plan” both in your “pre-registration package” as well as during your registration appointment.

Use your written plan to show sellers that you are the best qualified agent to help them get the highest possible price in the shortest time possible. Best of all, these strategies will cost you absolutely nothing!

Bernice Ross, President and CEO of BrokerageUP and, is a national speaker, author and trainer with over 1,000 published articles. Check out their broker / manager training programs designed for women, by women, at and their new agent sales training at

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