How to Buy Cars from the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Showroom

With each new weekly update players should experience the Premium Deluxe Motorsport in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. Primed for their convenience, this feature was only recently added in the Summer Update.

Rockstar has implemented two showrooms in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, allowing players to browse a wide variety of different vehicles. Of course, the only showroom worth visiting is the Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

Simeon Yetarian isn’t the most trustworthy person among the rest, but he makes an exception for the player. It usually offers good deals in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. In this case, players should visit his dealership at least once a week and test drive new vehicles.

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Easy way to find Simeon’s showroom in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

Head to Downtown Los Santos

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Players simply need to go to Power Street and Adam’s Apple Boulevard in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos which will be marked on the map. They need to bring up the pause menu, access the overworld map, and set a waypoint to Simeon’s car dealership.

On a related note, Premium Deluxe Motorsport will be located right next to a local Ammu-Nation. Additionally, the IAA headquarters will also be north of the highway. This is where players can begin Operation Paper Trail.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport is a rectangular building with an empty parking lot. Players can simply enter the property, exit their current vehicle, and head straight inside the dealership.

How to access showroom features

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GTA Online Criminal Enterprises changes the vehicle selection approximately every week. However, Premium Deluxe Motorsport can only hold five cars at a time. Along the same lines, this week features the following vehicles:

  • Downgrade Impaler
  • Karin Sultan Classic
  • Tasteless speedometer
  • Vulcar Fagaloa
  • Weeny dynasty

Players can walk to each vehicle, where they will receive a menu prompt. They can try it out for at least five minutes and make a purchase if they want. Of course, they will need the appropriate funds in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport is open 24 hours a day, so players don’t have to worry about it closing. It’s a good idea to come back every Thursday or so, because that’s when the game resets with a new weekly event. Rockstar loves changing vehicles inside the dealership.

The only showroom worth visiting

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There is another showroom in this game, but it has much less features than Premium Deluxe Motorsport. Boasting some very expensive vehicles, players can visit Luxury Autos in Rockford Hills.

Unfortunately, they can’t access the building because they can only see the exterior storefront. Also, they cannot test drive any of the vehicles. Finally, the showroom is limited to two paltry cars, which is certainly a major disappointment for such a popular update.

Players better stick with Simeon in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. He provides much better service in this game.

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