Homebuyers spot shocking details in mansion’s property listing

A unique home in the United States has gone viral, not for its “alien ship”-like exterior, but for one key detail that was omitted from the realtor’s description.

Although described as “three bonus areas,” photos reveal that the four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Celina, Ohio, actually includes a series of prison cells.

Without even an explanation in the ad, the house caused a stir on social media, with many guessing at the property’s former glory.

“[It] maybe looks like an old police station or courthouse,” one person wrote.

“Some evil things definitely happened in this place,” another added.

The online real estate listing makes no mention of the prison cells, except to advertise “three bonus bedroom areas”. Source: Zillow

At just A$396,000 for the 6,467-square-foot home, which includes two kitchens, an indoor pool, sauna, full bar and chandelier, many have questioned its low cost.

“My husband said we should just buy it,” one woman commented. “But I am wary at this price. I don’t need hauntings.

“I have questions,” someone else said. “And honestly, I don’t want any of them to answer.”

The house jail cell

Questioning the property’s low price, some Facebook users wondered if it was haunted. Source: Zillow

But without giving it away online, the realtor insists the property is an “opportunity to own a piece of Celina history.”

He has since shared a possible explanation for the “three bonus bedrooms,” saying they are believed to once house an infamous outlaw, known for his bank robberies and prison escapes in the Midwest.

“The house was built in 1972 by a local eye doctor who lived next door to the property,” Ryan Stackhouse of Superior Plus Realtors told Newsweek.

A photo of the house's exterior (left) and interior (right)

The home features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, an indoor pool, and a chandelier, if you can get an idea of ​​the cell series. Source: Zillow

“Although there is no specific reason why the prison cells are located in the house, it is believed that the doctor was a great devotee of John Dillinger.”

“And when he had the opportunity to buy the jail cell where Dillinger was being held, he bought them and moved them to his party block, like more of a collectible.”

Dillinger, an American mobster who led the Dillinger Gang, was imprisoned in Ohio County Jail in 1933 before an infamous escape.

He was eventually killed in a shootout in Chicago in 1934.

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