Here’s how to tell if a real estate listing in Toronto is worth looking at

Buying a home in Toronto is a massive investment that few who live here can afford, so if you’re taking the plunge into home ownership, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice, especially at present. economic landscape.

But unless you’re familiar with house hunting, the listings can be a bit tricky to decipher, and each one may seem like “the right one.”

Instead of wasting time viewing homes that could end up being a total disappointment, the team at Canadian real estate company Properly would like to offer some advice to buyers:

  1. First, understand that ads are written with a very clear end goal, which is to market a property in its best light and thus get the best value for the seller.
  2. Beware of certain terms: “cosy”, “beloved”, “top repairer”, “great potential”, or “do-it-yourselfer/developer’s dream”. All of these may sound like good things, but they’re really just positive ways to alert you to less-than-positive features of a home.
  3. Remember that photos aren’t always the real thing and are often taken from certain angles and/or even with certain lenses to strategically expand a space or hide horrors — don’t be afraid to zoom in or take a virtual tour !

For anyone buying or selling a home, Properly is the go-to for searching local listings and working with an agent to find your dream home or sell your current home with confidence, using their unique selling assurance.

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