Global Real Estate Procurement Market Sourcing and Procurement Report with Key Vendors, Vendor Evaluation Metrics and Sourcing Strategies

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Who are the best providers in the market for the purchase of real estate?

The report analyzes the competitive landscape of the market and offers information on several of the major vendors. Some of the major property purchase vendors profiled in detail in this report include:

  • CBRE Group Inc.
  • Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.
  • BGC Partners Inc.

These are some of the major vendors in the Real Estate Purchase market. Learn more about these vendors, including detailed analysis of sourcing strategies deployed by major end-user categories across multiple industries while meeting real estate purchasing requirements.

Download a free sample of this report:
real estate-purchase-procurement-market-intelligence-report

What are the most adopted sourcing strategies for the real estate procurement market?

The research includes a comprehensive analysis of the sourcing strategies most commonly used by buyers across industries, as well as insight into innovation, regulatory compliance, quality, sourcing and cost of these strategies. Adopting these sourcing tactics would allow buyers to minimize the category’s total cost of ownership and realize cost savings when buying real estate.

What are the most effective pricing strategies a supplier can adopt and what additional expenses are expected?

It is essential to monitor current and future price changes in order to maximize the value of the purchase. Price forecasts can help in planning purchases, especially when combined with constant monitoring of price influencing factors. The market expects a additional expenses of $731 billion during the forecast period due to multiple market drivers prevalent across multiple geographies. Additionally, the Sourcing and Procurement report addresses different cost reduction factors by analyzing the following criteria:

  • Identify favorable opportunities in the purchase of real estate TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Expected Changes in Price Predictions and Factors Driving Current and Future Price Changes
  • Identify pricing models that offer the most rewarding opportunities

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get detailed information on a few other pricing strategies.

What are the key regions for the Real Estate Purchase market?

The market for the purchase of real estate will register an additional expenditure of approximately $731 billion during the forecast period. However, only a few regions will be responsible for the majority of this growth. Moreover, on the supply side, North America, Europeand APAC will have the maximum influence due to the supplier base. Growth is expected to be primarily driven by increased demand and adoption of the category in these few regions.

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  • Summary
  • Market overview
  • Overview of category prices
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Best Practices
  • Category Ecosystem
  • Category management strategy
  • Category management tools
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Undercover providers
  • US Market Outlook
  • Category scope
  • Annex

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