Florida real estate listing including ‘rehabilitated ex-husband’ goes viral

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Real estate investor Crystal Ball’s home for sale in Panama City Beach, Fla. includes a unique feature: a free ex-husband.

The 3819 Quail St. house listing has gone viral on social media after it was shared on the popular Twitter account Zillow gone wild. Ball said she was selling the home for $699,000 to potential investors with her ex-husband as the tenant.

The photos show Richard Chaillou in silly poses showing off different rooms in the house.

In the list, Ball describes Chaillou as a “wonderfully rehabilitated ex-husband” with extra-large ears who is a dream in the kitchen. She said the divorce was not easy for the couple, but the humor helped them through it.

“I used comedy and humor to get through a very, very difficult situation, and I was able to maintain an intact relationship with him,” Ball said. “We co-parent very closely. He is a phenomenal father.

Ball also said it has been a valuable learning experience, both at work and in life.

“That’s kind of what real estate investing taught me,” she said. “If I maintain a good sense of ambiguity through all of life’s ups and downs and just use comic relief and humor to get through it…Now I always have a really high level of data that I use to do my job, but it creates a better outcome for everyone, and that’s what I did. The kids are happy.”

Ball said it’s common for real estate investment properties to be sold with current tenants, so she plans to sell the property and her ex-husband will do a sale-leaseback for the first two years.

However, she said the original list did not come without backlash from “internet haters”. The listing was also removed from Zillow and MLS, but Ball said she plans to add the home to the “for sale by owner” websites.

“Social media has changed the way we communicate,” Ball said. “A lot of the homes I sell, or a lot of the customers I connect, are through social media.”

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