Flipping Gorgeous: Forsyth County mum creates online success by following new passion for DIY

Projects for the future

In the future, Lena said she hopes to create more educational videos for anyone who wants to learn more about how to get started on home improvement and DIY projects, with her goal being to show people how to transform outdated spaces and furniture.

She has made available downloadable plans via a link on her TikTok page where viewers can see how to start certain projects.

Within the next month, she also hopes to launch her own website, and she has just launched her YouTube channel, Gorgeous TV flip, where she plans to create and showcase more detailed, step-by-step videos for viewers to follow.

Through these videos, viewers will be able to watch her begin future home renovations and complete small DIY projects for fun.

The next big renovation Lena plans to dive into is the kitchen in the main house, so she hopes to share tips on where to find budget countertops and how to build a new kitchen island with those watching.

Lena said she has come across many opportunities through her TikTok account and wants to continue to grow it where she can.

While on vacation, she was able to partner with ACE Hardware to participate in promotional materials, and she said she was able to meet others involved with television networks such as HGTV.

“It’s fun to see some of the opportunities that come my way as a result of this,” Lena said. “It shows how much the world has really changed with social media.”

With these new opportunities, Lena said she plans to dive into content creation full-time instead of resuming her career as a realtor. This way, she can combine her passion with her experience in real estate to create useful content while giving her more time to be with her family.

With three young children, she said her priority has always been to be a busy mum, but over the past seven years she has had to learn to carefully balance her career and her family. This balancing act, for her, has never been easy. She often felt like she wasn’t there for her children like she should have been, or that she wasn’t fully there for her clients.

Now Lena finally feels in a place where she can do both.

“Real estate has helped me so well in so many ways, but I think in this phase of my life, I really enjoy creating content,” Lena said. “And as a mom, it’s great because I can say, I’m going to put my phone down and be with my kids. And I don’t have to worry about anyone calling me or needing them. to respond.

By concentrating on this new type of work, she can do what she always wanted to do: be a mother.

Looking back, Lena said she’s grateful the pandemic finally forced her to stay home and take a moment to slow down. Ultimately, it took her in a new direction she could never have imagined, giving her a new purpose and an exciting future.

To see more of Lena, visit her TikTok @flippinggorgeous and his Instagram @flippinggorgeous_

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