Exciting things to do in Newport in February

With restrictions easing and the city opening up, there’s plenty to do in Newport this month.

We’ve rounded up some of the best events and activities to get involved in the city in February 2022.

From music to sports, here are all the best things to do in Newport in February.

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Music, shows and nightlife

With restrictions removed, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Newport’s nightlife.

The pub have many upcoming events including appearances from The C33s, Birthmarks and Sadface & Dusker. Find out more and book tickets here.

the Riverfront Theater and Arts Center have a host of performances coming up in February, including Lipstick on your collar on February 12 and Supreme Queen on February 25. Book here.

If you like Bruce Springsteen, the Scissor Sisters or the Black Eyed Peas, Graffiti, “South Wales’ most popular cover band”, play Potters. More information.

Food and drink

Newport’s food scene has come a long way over the past few years.

And while there are a number of large restaurant chains – some of which are great on their own – independent restaurants are a shining light for food lovers.

Holy Cheese specializes in grilled cheese. With a fully customizable menu, cheese lovers can feast on delights such as ‘Hey Pesto’ and ‘Chilli Con Carnage’. Most of their sandwiches can also be vegan. More information.

Los Reyes is a generously portioned tapas bar in Caerleon. With a unique Spanish atmosphere, the restaurant also has an outdoor dining area for spring and summer. They also have great sangria! Website.

Pizza Ragtag is described as a local, independent artisan pizzeria – and they must be doing something right as this place is all the rage for pizza lovers. Pizza nights have never tasted so good. Website.

Read our full list of recommendations: The 25 Best Restaurants in Newport in 2022.


Roman Caerleon

Built around AD 90 to entertain legionnaires stationed at Caerleon Fort (Isca), Caerleon Amphitheater was the Roman equivalent of a cinema. Wooden benches could accommodate up to 6,000 spectators, who gathered to watch exhibits featuring galdiators and exotic wild animals.

It is the best surviving amphitheater in Britain. The parade ground is now under a sports ground a short distance away, and if you follow the path along it you will come to the well-preserved remains of the Legionnaires’ barracks.

A short distance away you can visit the National Roman Legion Museum which houses many finds excavated around Caerleon.

Caerleon’s third Roman site is the Legionary Bath, with its open-air swimming pool.

You can also see the hypocaust system that made up the Roman “sauna” and the paw prints of the soldiers’ pets, preserved in the tiles.

Newport Museum and Art Gallery

The Newport Museum and Art Gallery was founded in 1888 and has since collected material relating to the area and its people.

Today, the museum and art gallery care for more than 60,000 objects and discrete collections representing various fields.

The museum houses a collection of nationally significant artefacts related to the Chartist movement in Newport and includes pictures, weapons, newspapers, silverware and documents from the time of the Chartist uprising of 1839.


There are fantastic castles and ruins to explore, including Newport, Abergavenny, Caldicot and Chepstow.

Chepstow Castle dates from 1067, making it one of the earliest Norman strongholds in Wales. Nearby Caldicot Castle, set in 22 hectares of parkland, was also founded by the Normans and restored as a Victorian family home.

Although it has largely been swallowed up by the city, you can still get a sense of the scale of Newport Castle by viewing it from the bridge over the Usk. Built in the 14th century, it replaced an earlier motte and bailey castle at Stow Hill.


Newport Wetlands is an RSPB nature reserve covering 1080 acres. This is one of the best places in South Wales to visit for any wildlife lover and it has some great trails to take in the sights. The Visitor Center has more information and a great place to rest.

Learn more here.

Point of view of the golden cliff: There’s something really refreshing about embarking along the Wales Coast Path with its spectacular views over the Severn Estuary. To find it from the road behind the Sea Wall Teahouse, climb the concrete steps to the Sea Wall. Turn left and walk along the grass path for about 200m to get a clear view of the estuary.

Allt yr Yn nature reserve: This reserve, which borders the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal, contains a variety of habitats including streams, a series of ponds, old growth woodland and species-rich grassland. Located just 1 km from the centre, it has been described as “a treasure in the city”.

Center of the fourteen locks canal:Located in one of Newport’s most scenic neighborhoods, Fourteen Locks offers an active heritage experience for all. It sits atop the famous flight of Cefn locks, long recognized as an engineering marvel of the Industrial Revolution.

Ringland wood: This ancient forest of bluebells covers approximately 18 acres and is home to large numbers of wild birds, butterflies, bats and small animals including gray squirrels and hedgehogs. The wood opens onto the Ringland Top Playground – a perfect picnic spot with panoramic views of the Bristol Channel.


park run

The Newport parkrun is a FREE weekly 5k event for runners of all skill levels, held every Saturday at 9am in the grounds of Tredegar House.

It’s not a race against other runners, but a timed 5k run that provides the entire local community with the opportunity to come together regularly to enjoy the beautiful park and get some physical activity.

Register at: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/Newport/home


The Welsh Open starts on February 28 and there are plenty of tickets left. Get yours here.


Newport County’s Dom Telford celebrates his goal with Finn Azaz

Newport County has three home games in February:

  • On Saturday February 12, they face Oldham Athletic.
  • On Saturday February 19, they face Mansfield Town
  • On Saturday February 26 they play Tranmere Rovers

Learn more here.


The Dragons face Ulster at Rodney Parade on February 20. You can get tickets here.

Newport RFC will face Pontypridd on February 17. Take a ticket here.

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