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In recent weeks, St. Louis County Councilman Score harder announced that he had “somehow” acquired video footage of the county chief of staff calvin harris engaged in a sexual act with a woman inside a county office. According to the county councilor Lisa ClancyStronger received the video by email County Executive Candidate and Current State Representative shameful dogan (R-Ballwin).

While Dogan did not explain how he managed to get a private tape from two consenting adults who did not consent upon his acquisition of said tape, sort of – sort of – the St. Louis Post-Dispatch want to create the worst kind of political scandal:

Once againthe Post-shipment exposed a young woman, without her consent, to public attention and scrutiny concerning an intimate act, the recording of which took place without his consent. One wonders if the victims ever counted for the Post-shipment Editorial board?

But instead of wondering how Dogan got the tape… which could possibly involve Dogan in commit a class D felony by obtaining it – the often vindictive editorial board even went so far as to call the non-scandal a “generous gift” to – of all – Jane Duckerthe perennial police lobbyist and Democratic county executive candidate challenging the county’s incumbent executive Dr. Sam Page. Political insiders have viewed Dueker (far from being a strong contender more like a weak contender due to his considerable personal political background) as a “ringer,” or weaker Democratic opponent, for Republican Dogan to face in the election. General November.

How is a – probably illegally obtained – videotape of two consenting adults having sex (the conduct itself was wrong) a “gift” to anyone, when the situation appears to involve the strongest Republican candidate in the presidential race? County Executive with the Criminal Invasion of a Victim’s Privacy Who Didn’t Consent to the Recording in the First Place? Dogan joined the nonstop opposition to Page, largely led by former St. Louis County Police Chief Fitch and his political minions. This latest attempt to smear Page appears to be straight out of far-right Republican Fitch’s playbook, much like much of the Dueker/Dogan campaign against Page.

This unfortunate situation is far from Dueker’s first desperate attempt to leverage a sensitive situation for his political gain. Our readers will recall Dueker’s dupe from earlier this year, when she launched a failed publicity campaign against the city of St. Louis at the expense of a victim of domestic violence. But Dueker has been in the worst of times ever since he parted ways with his former boss, former county executive convicted Steve Stenger.

The stench on Dueker’s resume after his service at Stenger left little to be desired by voters: including an adviser stint Rex Sinquefieldfailed the Better Together project; working for Kingdom Principlesa right-wing lobbying firm, eliminating protections for victims of sexual assault in Missouri colleges; and she unlimited support for the distrustful St. Louis Police Officers Association and its notorious racist former leader, Jeff Roorda.

This is certainly not a job story that demonstrates the leadership experience needed to lead the state’s largest county in Missouri amid public health and human rights crises.

But Dueker’s biggest problem? His entire career rests on the laurels of lesser men. Unfortunately, it has no major legislative achievement to promote.

Considering his paid legal struggle against an increase in the minimum wage, what has Dueker done for the working class? The overwhelming majority unions and building trades sided with Page. We still remember Dueker rush to help Stenger support his false claim that the Northwest Plaza office lease deal “saved” more than $10 million for St. Louis County taxpayers, when it was more of a romantic agreement for two of its biggest donors.

His measured defense maskless anti-science extremists who stormed county council meetings and hurled racist epithets at the county’s former director of public health Dr Faisal Khan – what good has it done for frontline workers dealing with the real impact of the COVID pandemic? Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals enthusiastically support Page’s re-election. As a stern rebuke to St. Louis for the backward thinking that enabled the political ax work on Khan, he was nominated, after a national search, to be Seattle/King County’s next public health director, a agency with a staff of 2,000 people. .

Although Dueker spent years on a Missouri State NAACP executive committee; how could she have worked to improve the lives of Black St. Louis Countians while simultaneously representing the interests of the untrustworthy County Police Department as a paid lawyer and lobbyist? Not hardly – Dueker has publicly doxed black activists in St. Louis, and is known for encouraging violence against anti-racism protesters through her social media accounts.

Let’s not forget Dueker’s either. falsely filed complaint against Saint Louis Alderman Cara Spencer, alleging Spencer violated state ethics codes by filing two bills targeting the payday loan industry while he was executive director of the nonprofit Consumer Council of Missouri. Notice that these same predatory lenders are the ones who paid Dueker large undisclosed sums of money. to represent them before the Missouri Supreme Court.

And Dueker’s close relationship with Fitch as well as Republican extremists in Jefferson City – did she leverage any of those close relationships to protect people of childbearing age in Missouri from second-grade citizenship? class they now face? The St. Louis Chapter of the National Political Women’s Caucus rescinded its approval of Dueker after a landslide push against the organization drew attention to Dueker’s sordid history of thwarting progress, rather than promoting it and no other women-centered organization has publicly announced its support for Dueker since .

Dueker is not a Democrat – her professional background demonstrates this best – and she will not bring anything new to the county council. What Dueker wants St. Louis County voters to approve of is a return to Stenger-era politics — a type of pay-to-play dynamic that still sends its participants to federal prison with convictions for white collar crimes. Ducaire was unmistakably part of Stenger’s soul circle and advised his administration on a number of transactions. And yet, Dueker was one of the few Stenger advisers NOT to face a federal investigation or a grand jury.

If the Post-shipment wants a political scandal, he need look no further than Dueker herself, one of the architects of Stenger’s schemes and a key player in some of the deals that landed Stenger himself in federal prison – forever banned from standing for election again.

So now it’s the turn of one of Stenger’s closest friends to run for the seat he lost on his way to Yankton Federal Prison in South Dakota. And again, Jane Dueker seeks to rest on the laurels of lesser men.

On August 2, voters in St. Louis County will have a choice between the man who cleaned up after Stenger, or the woman who helped put Stenger in power in the first place, just one of his many other wrongdoings. .

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