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The unserious people running this country are playing fiddles as the United States burns with a crumbling economy and rising crime rates, but make no mistake, the Biden administration has found something they’re on. ready to work: take total control of our personal lives and destroy our constitutional rights to do so.

The latest iteration of their obsession is a new end to the Second Amendment through the creation of a gun registry, which is prohibited by federal law, and eventually complete gun control. How? An announcement from credit card processor Visa revealed that they will adopt a new merchant code created by an international organization to track purchases at gun retailers. Currently, arms and ammunition purchases are listed generically under a code used for sporting goods stores in general, this includes firearms retailers.

Democrats know they’re bound by those pesky, irritating things called the Constitution and federal law, so they’ve decided to hire the proverbial hitmen to do their dirty work for them. Just like the revelation that the Biden administration in collusion with Big Tech to censor and ban Americans on social media, in this case they want credit card processors and banks to be their agent and enforcer to make the Second Amendment a toothless novelty. In addition, Fox News reporting, Republicans have “filed a lawsuit against President Biden, White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other senior administration officials alleging they “pressured and had colluded” with social media companies Big Tech to censor and remove information about the Hunter Biden. laptop history, origins of COVID-19, and safety of voting by mail during the pandemic. Now, this sounds like more than a slightly familiar tactic.

Firearms Advisors Orchid Advisors Reports on how the push for the new gun dealers code began just six months into Biden’s presidency: ‘The application was submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in July 2021 by Amalgamated Bank, a New York-based financial institution with a mission as ‘America’s Most Socially Responsible Bank’ to ‘promote positive social change’. […] Today, Amalgamated’s clients include the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Governors Association, as well as campaigns for President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Elizabeth Warren. The NRAs The Institute for Legislative Action reports that gun control groups and New York City Mayor Eric Adams were also involved and supported the action.

Some may want to hide that the gun registry and control program is exposed, but Patricia Sims Brown, CEO of Amalgamated Bank, said the quiet thing out loud earlier this month: “Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to end gun violence. As a bank, it is our right and responsibility to report the use of the financial system to fuel black market arms sales and sales associated with mass shootings,” the New York Post reported.

If you think this all sounds familiar, you’d be right. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice implemented “Operation Choke Point” pressured banks to cut businesses that aren’t favored by Democrats, like gun retailers and payday loan companies under the guise of “stamping fraud.” The Trump administration ended this atrocious practice when he became president in 2017.

The NRA explains that this new Merchant Code (MCC) will also provide “a new tool for use in [the left’s] lawfare campaign against lawful businesses. The groups say they expect banks and payment processors to “report” so-called “suspicious” transactions with the new MCC. Notably, no standard is given for what would be considered “suspicious”. Additionally, “anti-gun groups will almost certainly use the new reporting system to create accountability for banks or payment processors who do business with the gun industry…”

There is good news here. GOP star Elise Stefanik (R-NY) with 100 other House Republicans ask for answers from all major credit card processors including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. She asks if the companies have plans to share arms sales records with the government and refers to credit card processors’ initial reluctance to implement a new code specifically for gun retailers. fire, “It has been widely reported that American Express, Mastercard and Visa have not supported this application,” says the letter directed by Stefanik. Specifically, Visa recently stated that it “believes that asking payment networks to serve as the moral authority in deciding what legal goods can or cannot be purchased sets a dangerous precedent.” We couldn’t agree more.

“I adamantly oppose this attempt to track information from law-abiding gun owners and call this attempt to infringe on our Constitutional Second Amendment rights…As far-left politicians seek to further erode our Constitution, I’m working to make sure the credit card companies don’t contribute to their anti-Second Amendment agenda,” Stefanik told the New York Post.

Godspeed to Elise, but she will only have the power to follow through if the GOP takes the House in November. They must also take the Senate if we are to have any hope of stopping the damage the Democrats are so determined to inflict.

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