Carnival launches 50th anniversary collection to buy online

If you’re a Carnival fan but missed the cruise line’s 50th anniversary celebrations, you can still get a souvenir of the historic event.

Carnival has announced that it will offer its “50th Birthday Retail Collection” online, allowing anyone to show off their fandom for the Funships.

This brooch, made from the handrails of Carnival’s first ship, will be just one of the items offered for sale. Image courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.

“When we created the 50th Anniversary Retail Collection, we were sure our guests would love the new and improved styles, but the positive response has been absolutely overwhelming. The items we had planned to sell over the weeks sold out within a day,” said Jeremy Schiller, vice president of retail operations for Carnival. “The expanded offerings now available in our online store are a celebration of this success and an opportunity for our customers to continue shopping for the items they love on earth.”

The items were available for sale on ships as part of Carnival’s recent “Sailabration” cruises that marked 50 years of cruising for the company. However, not everyone was able to board one of these cruises. Now the cruise line is giving everyone the opportunity to purchase part of the collection.

Items featured include everything from mugs to napkins to 50th anniversary pins. At this time, there are already a number of items for sale on Carnival’s website. Other articles will also be added in the coming weeks.

These memories include a K9 Crystal Carnival Celebration Ship 3D Modelcomplete with hand-painted funnel (currently on sale; $109.99).

There will also be a “Piece of History” lapel pin and keyring set for sale made from the original Mardi Gras handrails, Carnival’s first ship and the inspiration for the naming of its current (and much larger) version of the ship. No word yet on pin and keychain pricing as it is not on sale yet. Given its uniqueness, expect it to sell out quickly.

Other items for sale include a singing funnel hat and one special edition 50th anniversary Carnival Monopoly set.

Another item for sale is a special Carnival-themed 50th Anniversary Monopoly set. Image courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.

Exactly when the items will go on sale on Carnival’s website is unclear, but the cruise line says they will only be available for a limited time. Given the likely high demand for some of the most popular items, if something interests you, it’s a good idea to check the online store regularly.

In fact, a quick search shows that a brooch depicting five ships from different eras is already sold out…even though it hasn’t even shipped in weeks.

You can see all the Carnival items on sale here.

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