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Carefully welcome a promising year 2022

Posted on: Sunday December 12, 2021

By: Dr T Selva

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The coming year 2022 will be a year to restart our lives with more caution because the Covid-19 is not completely over. While the worst is over, the post-pandemic recovery will continue into the New Year with gradual improvement with some challenges resulting in mixed results. Healthcare and climate change will be a big concern, as unpredictable welfare issues and weather conditions can cause multiple calamities.


So if you haven’t done your Covid vaccine or the booster, do it as soon as possible to protect yourself in the coming year. Seventh Generation Astrologer Master Yuvaraj Sowma in Chennai, India analyzed the 12 Zodiac Signs and shared his findings with me for the benefit of all readers of this column. The corporate sector will grow slowly in the first half of the year, he said, and people will need to be extra careful as the virus problem is not fully resolved. Below is an analysis of the future of the various zodiac signs using the Indian Almanac. The Indian calendar is based on moon signs called rasi. Readers should note that Western astrology is based on solar signs. If, for example, your western astrological sign is Aries, your sign in the Indian system might not be the same. Consult an astrologer to determine your moon sign as it is too complicated to explain how to do this here. And don’t be disappointed if your forecast points to a weak period ahead for you. You can avoid the worst by performing prayers and spiritual activities, doing good deeds, and performing acts of charity to alleviate negative planetary forces. It will be a positive year for people born under the signs of Leo (Simha), Aries (Mesham), Scorpio (Vrichika) and Taurus (Vrishabha). The moderate level will be experienced by those who are Libra (Thula), Virgo (Kanya), Gemini (Mithuna) and Capricorn (Makara). Below average results are expected for those belonging to Aquarius (Kumbha), Pisces (Meena), Cancer (Kataka) and Sagittarius (Dhanus).
Aries (Mesham)
It will be an eventful and successful year for you, and you will see the fruits of your hard work. The support of friends and family elders is indicated and you will be able to achieve your ambitions. You have to be patient or you will encounter challenges. There will be some form of displacement like a transfer to work or to a company, and that will be beneficial. The chances that you will buy a property are high and your income will be stable. You will be concerned about the health of an elder in the family and this will force you to spend more time with that person. Health problems can arise from your unbalanced diet.
Taurus (Rishabam)
The new year will start slowly but will pick up again from the middle of the year, and will propel you in your career. Stay focused on your goals and you will be successful after June. Be prepared for long journeys and you will be spending the money to improve your comfort. You are likely to invest in real estate and other luxury goods. The increased expenses will occur to meet the needs of your family members. You are likely to tie the knot if you are in a relationship. Tensions can arise with your parents, but everything will be fine after September. Be humble and avoid showing your success.


Gemini (Mithuna)
The first two months will be difficult at work or in business, and you need to stay calm and avoid any situation that could lead to confrontation. Due to the current economic situation, your condition will be regular throughout the year. Mind your own business and work hard, as you might benefit from a promotion at work. You will earn extra money from May to July and spend it on your family. The health of your children will be your main concern. Auspicious events like the birth of a child will happen in the new year
Cancer (Kataka)
The New Year will test your strength as it will be a difficult year and you are urged to take more care of your health. Control your eating habits and exercise regularly to stay in shape. Mixed results are expected in your career, and changes are indicated. Lots of trips for work will occur and your expenses will increase. Unexpected expenses are inevitable after July and can hurt your savings. There may be a tribulation situation in your family, and you have to control your temper or you will be in serious trouble.
Leo (Simha)
New opportunities in your business or work will lead you to success until September. Don’t miss the chance to own the property of your dreams because 2022 will be a promising year. In May-June, insignificant problems may arise at work, but you will easily overcome them. Your hard work will increase your income and you will need to control your spending. When it comes to the relationship, you’ll have to move very carefully or it can turn sour. Pay attention to the needs of your family.
Virgo (Kanya)
Money, ownership and success await you in the New Year. Your dream job will come to you if you actively seek it. You will accomplish it but don’t do it in a hurry. You will meet new friends and make wedding plans. Stressful times with your life partner can arise and you will need to control your emotions. You will feel energized and enjoy better health. Overall, it will be a progressive year if you stay focused on your goals. Stay away from arguments as it will not benefit you.
Libra (Thula)
Your year will begin with you being busy and reaping your success. Your career will be excellent, and the presence of Saturn in the fourth house will inspire you to work diligently. You will face your disappointments with a don’t give up attitude. May will be a good month to start a new business or change jobs. Pay attention to your health, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. If you are single, the chances of finding your life partner are high. Stay away from any rank regarding ancestral property.
Scorpion (Vrichika)
You can sigh with relief as you will successfully complete all your pending work and enjoy a more comfortable life. Trust yourself more than others, and your great success will come towards the end of the year. Keep your emotions in check. A new relationship is expected to blossom in June, and you will be spending money on family needs. You can go on an extended vacation to celebrate your success and enjoy good health. You will settle property issues in your favor.
Sagittarius (Dhanus)
You will experience average growth despite hard work due to the current weak economy. You need to stay focused on your target and avoid trivial issues getting out of hand. Control your spending and improve your savings as heavy spending is shown. You can explore work and business, but approach with special care if it involves a partnership. Do not neglect your health as it will require special attention. Your life partner will appear in March-April.
Capricorn (Makara)
You will work hard to achieve your goals throughout the year, but the results will be 50:50. Family responsibilities will increase and there will be ups and downs in your life. Avoid conflicts with your family members and your coworkers will not be happy with your performance. Things should slowly improve after a lot of struggles in September. Be careful when speaking as it can lead to serious problems. Your health will be unstable. Don’t make big decisions without consulting your elders.
Aquarius (Kumbha)
Struggles and challenges will give you mixed results over the coming year. But don’t worry because you should be able to cope with requests intelligently. Your rivals will try to hinder your work and you will need to protect yourself. Hold on to your job and your business. Your spending will get out of hand and you’ll spend on things that don’t matter. Ignoring your health can cost you money. You can explore buying a property from July to September and go on a pilgrimage. Your spouse’s rude behavior will disturb your peace of mind.
Fish (Meena)
You will get positive results if you work smart because it will be an important year. There will be opportunities for you to find a new job or a new business in January-May, and you should take it. Stay away from the stock market and lotteries, or you will face heavy losses. Your time to buy a vehicle or property is excellent and get ready for the long hauls. Family bonds will be strong and you should stay away from any arguments. Health will be favorable if you exercise and eat a balanced diet.
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