Atlanta-based Provides Fast Real Estate Property Management Solutions to Rental Communities in Athens and Milledgeville

ATLANTA, August 28, 2018 / PRNewswire / – It started as an informal investigation in May by the Farmers insurance agent Greg albright to its Canadian real estate client, Nova Georgia Properties. “I know a property management company established in Atlanta. Would you like to talk to them? “

Nova Georgia Properties is based in New Scotland. They own high occupancy residential rental properties at Georgia, including Red Oak Village in Athens and Country Club Townhomes at Milledgeville. Nova envisioned a change in the management of these communities, so Albright’s question was timely.

Albright introduced Nova at Todd reid, Owner of that of Atlanta Nova explained that the functioning of the properties was a bit disjointed. Although both had high occupancy rates, they had too many below-market monthly leases and operating reports lacked detail.

With over 60 units in each property, supporting both communities would represent an 80% increase in the number of units would manage. Todd reid was prepared for such an expansion, and this was his chance to prove the business was ready.

Reid came up with ready-made solutions. He contacted members of his network, Jeff smith facets of success and Jon ramey support strategies. Smith is instrumental in positioning for dramatic growth, and Ramey specializes in turnkey accounting and operational support for growing businesses.

A hallmark of’s management approach is transparency for both landlords and tenants.

Service to owners:

  • keep abreast of market values ​​and incorporate appropriate annual rent increases into leases where warranted.
  • motivate tenants to sign annual leases, collect rents on time and quickly settle delinquencies.
  • providing cutting-edge technology to better manage every facet of rental operations and reporting.

Service to tenants:

  • maintain a 24/7 service number, always answered by staff.
  • offer rental contracts, payments and work orders by computer or telephone.
  • resolve all repair issues within 24 hours.

“Before I got into full-time property management, I was a real estate investor myself,” says Reid.

“I saw the need to represent owners from a different perspective. Many real estate agencies handle long-term rentals after the fact, often only to gain access to tenants who might later buy a home. ”

Reid approaches operations as if every unit he manages is his. This translates into a responsibility to landlords and tenants with all issues dealt with in a timely and fair manner.

Reid cultivates a large team of partners. Beyond HVAC, appliances and other maintenance professionals, Reid utilizes the services of advanced strategic and tactical resources. It’s here that Jeff smith and Jon ramey enter the top management of

Jeff smith is a seasoned lawyer with tech and media giants. Having completed more than 100 business mergers and acquisitions, Smith is adept at preparing clients for growth. He shares his expertise in the skills of business execution, leadership, strategic thinking, change management and profitability.

Jon ramey is a seasoned finance professional, CPA and chartered financial analyst. Ramey provides sophisticated financial services beyond what most businesses can employ in-house. Each client is served by a dedicated account team, so information is accessible with staff absences that cause delays with typical accounting services.

Nova was quick to get involved Todd reid services. Less than 60 days after their introduction, operates the Red Oak Village and Country Club townhouses. Things are off to a good start.

After just a few weeks under the direction of, Nova reports that Red Oak Village has had the best rental performance at various levels in 6 years.

Contact Todd reid and at 770-518-4470 to learn more about their transparent and innovative approach to rental property management.


Todd reid


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