Anglican bishop tasks politicians and government with security

An Anglican Communion cleric, Bishop Isaac Afolabi Amoo, has called on political leaders and government at all levels to always ensure that there is adequate security for the life and property of people in the country.

The Cleric, who is the Bishop of the Diocese of New Bussa, Anglican Communion (Church in Nigeria) made the call during the ongoing fifth Church Synod held at St John’s Church, New Bussa , province of Kwara State.

The Bishop, in his message, emphasized that the nation’s security forces must also review their strategies and seek help from advanced nations to complement their efforts.

Amoo stressed the need for government at all levels to adequately fund and prioritize the safety of lives and property.

“If the situation in Nigeria were to be half of what it is today with violence, intolerance and fear in 1914, the different nationalities that made up Nigeria would not have come together as Lord Lugard and his wife.

“Past efforts to have a credible national census have been hampered by distorted notions of what the census is. Thus, false and unrealistic figures have been published.

“Our duty as a diocese is to appeal to all ethnic groups, regions and religions to help Nigeria break the curse of the failed census exercise.

“We must not allow competition between religions and tribes to deprive us of social progress.

“Before the advent of the civilian regimes of leader Olusegun Obasanjo, this country was fighting the monster called corruption, with every administration promising to fight this monster.

“We should commend Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who set up the institution that can be denounced, like EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Office and Code of Conduct Tribunal.”


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