A real estate ad for a “little slice of hell” vandalized goes viral


If you are looking to live in a “little corner of hell,” your dream home awaits in Colorado.

Real estate agent Mimi Foster hasn’t watered down the issues with an ad for a house in Colorado Springs, Colo. That costs just $ 592,500 for an interior covered in graffiti and an odor from an under freezer. -soil which may in fact be the mouth of hell. (The video below includes secular graffiti.)

The 3,598 square foot home features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, an interior covered in graffiti and obscenities, and a crumbling rear patio unsafe for anyone to walk on right now. It’s like moving into the run-down house that Walter White and his family abandoned in “Breaking Bad” after it became public that he’s a meth mainstay.

“If you dream of owning your own little slice of hell and turning it into a slice of heaven, then look no further!” Foster wrote in the list.

“You’ll also notice that there isn’t a surface of the house that hasn’t been brushed up with black spray paint or a swinging hammer – damage from an angry leaving tenant who hasn’t. wanted to pay rent, ”the listing says. “But don’t let that slow you down. It’s not as intimidating as the basement freezer which is full of meat and hasn’t had electricity for over a year. So make sure you wear it. your mask. Not for just anyone’s protection other than your own. You may not be able to stand the smell if you don’t. “

Foster previously created an almost eight-minute YouTube video titled “Renters from Hell” showcasing the damage in case the ad wasn’t enough to thrill the average potential buyer.

“I am an author in my spare time. I know in real estate stories get attention so when I have an unusual property I try to make a story out of it. And that was an unusual property, ”Foster told the Denver Post. “I didn’t want anyone to come in unprepared.”

Foster has worked in real estate for 30 years and has never seen anything like it. She told the Denver Post that she also found several dead cats that had been left locked in the house by a former tenant, who she said ran a pet shelter outside the house.

She told Slate that the tenant who was evicted in 2019 was allowed into the house by an unsupervised property manager to retrieve her belongings and quickly disfigured the house within hours.

The owner lives out of state and hasn’t seen the house in a decade, Foster told Slate. The owner filed an insurance claim and was told vandalism was not covered, Foster said in the interview with The Denver Post.

The house was going to be foreclosed on, but the bank contacted the owner following Foster’s viral announcement to delay foreclosure for the time being, the real estate agent told Slate. Foster thought the housing market is so hot right now across the country, it was the perfect time to try and sell a house that seemed impossible to move.

After all, who could resist the idea of ​​buying a house with these kinds of amenities?

“The upstairs has a walkway, a large master with bath and double vanity, plus two additional bedrooms and a bathroom – all covered in black spray paint, vulgarities and other substances that are no longer identifiable”, she wrote in the list. “The basement is amazing – or at least it will be after all the debris is cleaned up, the flooring replaced and the obscenities repainted.”

Since the ad went viral, Foster told the Denver Post that she had received double-digit offers on the house, which she said will need more than $ 100,000 in repairs to be habitable again.

It turns out that there are a lot of people who want to live in “a slice of hell”.


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