A Basic GTA Online Guide to Auto Shops

Vehicles define the GTA Online experience, so naturally players should own their own auto shop.

The property was first introduced in the Los Santos Tuners Summer 2021 update. VIPs, CEOs, and MC Club Presidents can make a fortune with the various side missions. More importantly, they could also customize the hottest rides in Los Santos.

Car enthusiasts will have fun running their car shops. Of course, they will have to spend a lot of money beforehand. Unfortunately, GTA Online is by no means a cheap game.

How GTA Online Players Can Manage Their Personal Automotive Shop

Auto shops can still be a viable business for car enthusiasts. This article will let readers know what to expect when buying one. GTA Online gives players plenty of reasons to use this property.

Or buy

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GTA Online players will find the Auto Shop at Maze Bank Foreclosures. Of course, they will first have to become members of the LS Car Meet.

Players can speak with Mimi inside the garage and pay the $50,000 fee. A cutscene with KDJ and Sessanta will trigger shortly after.

Players will now be able to purchase the following Auto Shops:

  • mission line – $1,670,000
  • Strawberry – $1,705,000
  • ranch – $1,750,000
  • Burton – $1,830,000
  • The Mesa – $1,920,000

Any other customization will cost more, such as interior styles and color tints. However, they will get a free garage that stores ten vehicles.

Players can pay between $1,670,000 and $4,417,500. On a related note, the standard daily fee will come in at a paltry $250.

It should be noted that players will need to complete the Setup: Impounded Car mission if they wish to progress further.

Automotive workshop service

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GTA Online players can find legitimate work here. They can modify specific cars upon customer request.

Then players can deliver the car to a particular location. They will be paid according to the modifications of the vehicle.

Mod Shop

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This is where the magic happens for GTA Online vehicles. Players can bring their personal rides and work on them. Best of all, they’ll also get a 5% discount on custom edits.

Players will likely spend a lot of time here, depending on how many cars are in their garage.

Thefts from car workshops

GTA Online players will need to be in the Freemode lobby to activate these contracts. A total of three can be found on the Job Board, which is just outside the office.

The game offers eight contracts in total:

  • The bank contract: Take money from local banks
  • The data contract: Forcibly taking files from the CEO of Merryweather
  • The superdollar deal: Steal plates from a military convoy
  • The prison contract: Take out several prisoners
  • The agency contract: Find a narcotics recipe at the IAA Facility
  • The work of the ECU: Steal a prototype locomotive from a freight train
  • The lost contract: Destroy the Lost MC laboratories and steal their cargoes
  • The work of the depositary of the Union: Enter a bank and steal gold

GTA Online players should consider these miniature versions of regular heists. Thefts from auto shops pay pretty decently by this game’s standards.

Exotic exports

Players will gain access to Exotic Exports once they complete their first Contract. They must find and steal various cars and deliver them to a nearby dock.

Players can view the list, which changes every 24 hours. There are over 100 possible locations available at any one time.

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