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What makes the biggest difference in the success of a real estate agent? I believe it belongs to the sales manager of this agent’s office. Agents will join a company or brand because of the reputation of that brand and that company and even because of the manager of that office. For more than 25 years, I have maintained that the three factors that influence an agent’s success are: 1.) broker brand affiliation, 2.) office location, and, 3.) brokerage. manager’s role in ongoing strategic business planning and development for agent success. Yet these are often sadly overlooked by agents and sales managers and even brokers/owners.

When looking at the core traits and attributes of the most successful sales managers, regionals, team leaders, or broker owners, these nine come to mind. Take a quick, one-time inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, and look for opportunities that you can up your game in coaching and developing your agent’s success, by increasing the volume and frequency of your communication, and literally adjusting it to create success. -wheel’ for contagious success. Your agents will love it (and you) and they’ll thrive in any market.

Here are nine characteristics of the most successful business managers and leaders:

  • Proactive, problem solver. The most successful business leaders solve problems and don’t fuel crisis situations, but proactively diffuse them. These leaders are not throwing “businesses” under the bus or mortgage and title partners. They roll up their sleeves and go into solution mode. Instilling a proactive mindset in your agents will help everyone and de-stress everyone involved. Be proactive and troubleshoot when leading your agents to success.
  • Lead by example. The best sales leaders lead by example and display the activities and actions they require of their agents. Your agents will follow your lead, or they won’t. When you create followers who are bought into your example, you create an army of successful leaders who are agents. You are the example that everyone will follow. Connecting with your sphere, using video to promote your office and recruiting, or using video to communicate with your agents is a great way to lead by example. Plus, personally generating new business for the office is another way to set the tone and show your agents how to be successful. How can you increase your “leading by example” activities?
  • Lots of energy, enthusiasm and positivity on a daily basis. The most successful real estate agencies have energetic and enthusiastic sales managers. Your office is a direct reflection of you, the sales leader. If you’re not on your game, neither are your agents. If you are absent, they are absent. High energy and enthusiasm inspires your agents to show up, get the job done, and create positive results. Your tone of voice, body language and energy will literally make the difference in building your office culture. How can you increase your energy and enthusiasm in such a way as to generate extremely fruitful results for your team?
  • 150% agent focused. High-performing sales leaders are truly 150% invested in their agent’s success and development. Investing your efforts in helping your agents at all levels of production succeed will pay off big time for both your agents and your office. Meet with them regularly. Offer year-round business planning. Challenge them and help them reach new heights. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Have reasons for everyone to come to the office and invite them personally if necessary. Holding your agents accountable is simply having conversations with them asking them if they did what they were supposed to do. It leads people to the success they want and you can be at the forefront of making it happen! Heighten your focus with your agents and see what happens.
  • Very responsive and resourceful. The main sales managers of real estate agencies are very responsive and resourceful. Agents need help and it’s usually in the moment and in time. Answering your phone, answering a text or an email quickly is among the highest priorities for agents among their manager characteristics. Being responsive, resourceful advice and instant coaching will dramatically increase your agent’s ability to close and keep deals and create unparalleled value. Agents rely on and are grateful to their leaders, which creates long-term trust and loyalty for excellent retention and the ability to grow your agents and your office. How quickly do you respond to your agents?
  • Communicate constantly. It is true that people need to hear things seven times, in seven different ways before they are fully remembered. The most successful real estate leaders communicate and over-communicate everything that will keep your agents informed and informed. It’s also the most effective way to drive adoption of your company’s marketing tools and systems. Lack of ongoing communication is the reason businesses can’t gain traction or adopt the technology or marketing tools you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in. Deliberately communicate with intention seven times, seven different ways. Your sales meeting, specific email, text messages, video messages from you and many other ways to communicate will up your game and get everyone to follow your lead.
  • Has a high attendance at weekly sales meetings. All key real estate sales managers will have strong attendance at their weekly sales meetings. Weekly sales meetings are an effective way to lead your agents to massive increased success. Your sales meetings are the best way to communicate a consistent and forceful message each week. It boosts your team’s signups and sales and creates amazing teamwork.
  • Coach and train agents on how to use company tools to drive more sales and revenue. Sales managers who show agents how to use the tools to increase productivity and revenue can steer their agents toward massive increases and positive results. Coaching your agents weekly will bring spectacular results and increase your added value for your agents. As you increase your value, you will attract and keep agents.
  • Building team culture through inclusion. I can say that the most successful sales leaders create a culture in their offices. It’s number one. It makes or breaks a desk. It is either flourishing or dying. It is created and cultivated by the sales leader and is so important. It’s all about that one thing. Being inclusive and building camaraderie on your team creates mutual respect and friendly competition that isn’t fierce, but rather a competition for sharing, caring, and winning. Everyone wins and everyone wants to join and be part of a winning team. How do you create a culture and include your whole team to participate and belong?

You can adopt these nine attributes of success to lead your team to greatness! I’m confident you’ll provide incredible value and help your agents achieve the goals they want to achieve. Your “steering wheel” will begin to gain momentum and great things will happen before you know it when you implement these winning behaviors for success. Best to you as you continue to grow your business with great purpose and intent!

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