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August is Listing Tech thematic month at Inman. Throughout the month, we explore list technology, a conversation spanning portals to unique listing sites, landing pages, 3D tours, photographs, videos, promotions and more.

The list video has gone from an automated slideshow of images over cheesy stock music to highly produced, Hollywood shorts.

As with everything, the most effective and practical style of list video is somewhere in the middle, and there are all kinds of tools on the market to help you make this list stand out on large and small screens. .

This month, Inman discusses the multifaceted and deeply nuanced concept of SEO technology, and the impact of shareable digital video on real estate marketing is a big factor in how consumers react to available properties.

Let’s take a look at seven video technology providers that are helping Inman readers shine online with personalized real estate productions, social media ready videos, and auxiliary lead generation tactics. The more original content you create for an ad, the more it can stand out in the market. Yet video is still underutilized.

Plus, since online content tends to thrive in perpetuity, video made today helps you market for tomorrow. And one more thing: the market is increasingly comfortable with sight buying, and video is essential in helping your seller get better deals in less time.

1. Replay the lists

Based in New York City, Replay Listings is a video maker app that encourages agents to create quick, authentic tours of available apartments.

The company is relatively low-key when it comes to what the videos may contain, but insists they should be dialogue-free and under two minutes in length. It doesn’t come with any in-app editing or fancy graphics, opting instead for straightforward, straightforward proprietary videos.

Think of it as video-based MLS. It does not push the quality of production or marketing beyond its intrinsic intent, which is to help agents and their clients gain a better visual understanding of an available property before planning a physical meeting.

2. Phixer

Similar to BoxBrownie in that users upload content, add context, and get something much better in return, Phixer customers only need to upload a series of individual video clips and, in a day, to have a professionally edited promotional listing video.

Your video includes image, music, and branding elements. And also like BoxBrownie, Phixer uses a team of talented foreign writers to make edits while you sleep and help you market lists when you are awake.

3. Kerbox Media

It took a long time for former agent Bill Kerbox to get my attention. He was at the start of the video marketing game – too early, In reality. Time was on its side, however, and now Kerbox is producing compelling content for realtors, teams and national franchises.

It is not an app or an algorithm that produces ready-made videos. Kerbox works with clients one on one to create unique video projects, helps you market your content, and can help produce general branded content as well.

Kerbox admits he’s happy to see more and more agents embracing video and stepping in front of the camera, but is confident that with little additional time and investment, it’s not difficult to move from DIY to a professional and refined product.

4. Real estate fairs

This service won’t impress with its showmanship, so to speak, but its efficiency still deserves applause. It uses an MLS connection and a mailing address to automate the creation of enhanced slideshows inexpensively.

And yes, while it’s simple, it also means that you had better put your best image forward when uploading the source images to MLS.

A great added value is that Real Estate Shows then use your video in an included sole proprietorship website. This is a quick and nearly complete list marketing package.

5. View

The former COO of Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates and an award-winning filmmaker and creative professional have come together in a company called Vuse, which offers a video production app for the real estate industry.

The videos are optimized for social sharing and ideal for advertising campaigns. They come with ready-to-use templates and the ability to add personalized content and branded “endorsements”. There are also suggested shot lists and formatting queues in the app. Costs.

6. RoomVu

Like real estate shows, Roomvu helps agents market their video content as well as create it. Accounts come with all kinds of market-specific content and templates, along with lead generation capabilities that make viewers call to action.

The videos are largely graphical and statistical in nature, designed to quickly convey useful market data in a social media environment. Roomvu also includes flexible planning tools, floor plan creators, professional services for hire for video production, and a photographer clearinghouse for U.S. cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, as well as Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

7. TruPlace

This is a marketing company that allows agents to capture content for several types of tours themselves or have it delivered to one of TruPlace’s national photographers. They range from simple slideshow videos to presentation videos that start by highlighting the curb appeal. You can also add aerial images.

All TruPlace products are published with unique URLs, and any video can be MLS ready through Vimeo or tagged for YouTube. The company also sells a large menu of content rich in real estate photography, including floor plans, virtual stagings, and twilight montages.

Remember that listing technology encapsulates a wide array of tools and tactics that help property get sold. Every Facebook ad, email campaign, and landing page you create is a chapter in your ad’s story, and the video is likely to be the one that buyers turn to first.

Keep the videos list light, precise, and shareable. And always make sure the viewer knows who to turn to when it ends.

Do you have a technological product you would like to discuss? Email Craig Rowe

Craig C. Rowe started out in commercial real estate on the cusp of the dot-com boom, helping a range of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents make technology and marketing decisions by reviewing software and technology for Inman.


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