2 GB Ben Fordham slams Melissa Caddick’s husbands’ wild claims

2GB’s Ben Fordham has slammed conwoman Melissa Caddick’s husband Anthony Koletti as ‘disturbed’ and ‘living in a dreamland’ as he tries to claim a share of his funds which have been seized to repay investors.

Koletti appeared on 7News Spotlight on Sunday after being evicted from Caddick’s multimillion-dollar mansion in Dover Heights, Sydney’s eastern suburbs, last week by Federal Court so it could be sold to pay off victims of his wife.

Caddick disappeared in November 2020 – the day after his home was raided by ASIC – owing $30 million to 74 investors who fell victim to his Ponzi scheme.

On the show, Koletti said he was having trouble finding a rental due to the high-profile case and wanted “a few million dollars so I can get on with my life and support Melissa’s son.”

He also claimed, despite assumptions, that he lived on ill-gotten funds from Melissa, that he “always paid for himself” and “Caddick never gave him a dime”.

Anthony Koletti (pictured) said he wanted ‘a few million dollars’ to ‘get on with his life’ after he was kicked out of his wife’s Dover Heights mansion last week

Speaking on 2GB radio on Monday, Fordham offered a scathing critique of Koletti’s TV interview.

‘Oh, he just wants a few million dollars. Good luck with that,” Fordham said.

“He denies ever taking money from Melissa. Does anyone believe that?

“He lived rent-free in the Dover Heights mansion, he drove the Audi, flying first class around the world.”

Caddick is presumed dead after her rotten foot was found stranded in a running shoe on Bournda beach on the NSW south coast in February 2021 – three months after she went missing.

Koletti said his investors had “potentially only lost a bit of their future” while he had lost his “past, present and future” since his wife’s disappearance.

“He thinks he’s the biggest loser in this scandal more than the poor investors who trusted Melissa with their money,” Fordham said.

‘Give us a break, this guy lives in fantasy land.

Ben Fordham criticized Koletti on Monday as

Ben Fordham slammed Koletti on Monday as ‘deranged’ and ‘living in fantasy land’

“And I’m sure anyone watching him last night would think that guy is deranged.”

Koletti had been residing at the couple’s property with his son since his wife’s disappearance.

He asked the court earlier this month for part of the sale of the property, arguing that he had invested his own money in it.

He also claimed a stake in the high-rise flat owned by Caddick’s parents in Sydney’s east end, as well as his wife’s $7 million equity portfolio.

According to court documents, Koletti has not had a regular job since his wife’s disappearance.

His main sources of income came from his occasional jobs as a hairdresser and producing his own music.

The Federal Court ordered Koletti to vacate the residence so the property could be sold to repay the 74 investors who lost millions to his wife's dodgy Ponzi scheme (pictured, Koletti with Melissa)

The Federal Court ordered Koletti to vacate the residence so the property could be sold to repay the 74 investors who lost millions to his wife’s dodgy Ponzi scheme (pictured, Koletti with Melissa)

Melissa Caddick disappeared on November 12, 2020 just a day after ASIC raided the couple's home and has not been heard from since

Melissa Caddick disappeared on November 12, 2020 just a day after ASIC raided the couple’s home and has not been heard from since

He told the court that his wife’s disappearance and the publicity surrounding the case were the reason he couldn’t find a job.

But the judge ruled Mr Koletti must vacate the Dover Heights property by May 18.

Footage recorded earlier this week shows the hairdresser cleaning and vacuuming the couple’s home and asking movers to load his belongings onto a truck.

He is then seen leaving the mansion the following morning as he was photographed and recorded by news crews driving away.

Melissa Caddick stole an estimated $30 million from her clients over eight years, tricking them into investing in her fictitious business before using the funds to splurge on luxury clothes, designer jewelry, beach vacations stranger and two houses.

Only $7 million of the money stolen between 2012 and 2020 has been returned to customers.

Authorities received an anonymous tip that Caddick was operating an unlicensed financial services business in 2019, a felony punishable by a $20,000 fine and jail time.

On November 11, ASIC and Australian Federal Police raided her Dover Heights mansion in Sydney’s east end and confiscated expensive clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery.

The next morning, November 12 at 5:30 a.m., Caddick left the house for a morning run, leaving behind her keys, wallet, and cellphone, and disappeared.

Mr. Koletti’s blue 2016 Audi R8 coupe and a black 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 wagon owned by Caddick were auctioned by Pickles for $295,000 and $66,250 respectively earlier this year.

An investigation into Melissa’s disappearance will begin in September.

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