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By Samantha Christian

Seeing the four-bedroom home’s real estate listing on Contessa Court in Williamsville was like stumbling across footage from the set of a 1980s sitcom.

The house appeared to have been sealed tight the year it was built – 1988. It could have been decorated by the cast of ‘Designing Women’ for an episode of ‘Miami Vice’ and then unsealed again to host a ‘Saved by the Bell “. » reunion special.

From the outside, it looks like any other high-end two-story home. But inside, each room is decorated to the height of contemporary 1980s glamour, using all the colors of the Rubik’s Cube and preserved in all the splendor of neon.

There’s a purple stonewashed leather sectional; a loveseat in the shape of a pair of pouty red lips; and geometric patterns as far as the eye can see.

The sellers were a couple in their 50s, including a dentist, and were the original owners of the house. They had decorated it in the style of the time they first moved in and maintained the look over the years.

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“They were cool, artistic people and they just wanted to downsize,” said Bonnie Clement, Hunt’s listing agent who sold the house. “It was very, very well maintained. Absolutely flawless. Everything is on top. »

The house was on the market for a day before the first people to visit snapped it up for $390,000. But lovers of 80s architecture and decor, which are coming back into fashion, were crying out for a look.

“I have never had so many calls for a house. People were begging me to let them in, but I couldn’t because we were already under contract,” Clement said.

The home even gained national attention, when mainstream website The Consumerist caught wind of the listing. He posted photos from inside the house, with 1980s pop culture figures photographed in each room. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray recreate their “Dirty Dancing” lift in the black marble hot tub. Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, poses in a bedroom. And Sinbad gives a thumbs up behind a purple and silver semi-circular desk.

The buyers, who are moving from out of town for education jobs, haven’t made any decisions about the renovations, their real estate agent said. But early indications show they’re leaning towards a more understated look.

“There’s a lot of purple carpet in there that I know they’re going to take down. There are some faux finishes; it’s fine,” said Sarah Robitaille-Kubiak, Buyer’s Agent at Robitaille Immobilier. “I think they’re going to tone it down.”

Buyers also asked sellers to remove some moveable furniture, such as a set of purple faux marble shelves and rows of brass and lacquered white bedroom drawers that give the appearance of built-in wardrobes.

Some of the 1980s decor is incorporated into the house. There are glass block windows next to the silver and black fireplace; brass-edged mirrored sliding doors on bedroom closets; and the custom-designed kitchen sports a breakfast bar with neon-wrapped pillars. But much of the house’s 1980s appeal comes from the colorful, pop artwork; ultra-modern furniture and futuristic window treatments that will leave with the former owners.

“Once the art and belongings are out and they have their own furniture, it will look like a whole different house,” Robitaille-Kubiak said. Buyers didn’t specifically ask to see modern, contemporary-style homes. . They looked at a few older homes in town, as well as many traditional and colonial homes, which make up the bulk of Western New York’s housing stock. They even bid up and lost a much older home in Snyder.

But while it wasn’t the 1980s time capsule factor that attracted buyers, the modern style of the contemporary home helped seal the deal.

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