18 Ways to Market Your Real Estate Listing (and Delight Sellers)

Believe us: standing out from the huge crowd of agents trying to get business from sellers is no joke.

You want your sellers to see that you work hard for them, to lock in future referrals and word of mouth. To even have a chance of getting listed, sellers want to see examples of your marketing (so it better be perfect and plentiful). They want to know exactly why you are more deserving of their business than the next agent and exactly what you will do to earn every penny of that hard-earned commission.

Once you get the list, you also need to sell the list, and sometimes that means getting creative. These 18 ready-to-use ad marketing ideas will show your salesperson that you’re serious about getting their ad the exposure it needs to make a successful sale.

  • Send weekly email to your prospects by gathering the best new listings and local market updates that highlight your listing as a top property. Make it personal by calling out some of their must-haves and other details they’ve mentioned in previous meetings.
  • Optimize your social networks and post your announcements, open houses, and market information daily to let your network members know about your announcements. Real estate is changing faster than ever, so daily updates are essential in this competitive market.
  • Answer people’s questions on social media and prove that you are a valuable resource. Showing prospects your expertise will help showcase your strengths as an agent and drive engagement on your accounts.
  • Send “sold” postcards to all the houses in the neighborhood around your last sale. Never underestimate the value of old-fashioned direct mail.
  • Visit all the open days you can and connect with buyers and agents there. The personal connections you can make by attending industry and community events are often some of the strongest you can find.
  • Door-to-door in the neighborhoods you want to work. This one might sound old-fashioned, but it might be the most direct way to win new customers. That’s how we started, so never underestimate its power.
  • Market your ad on multiple platforms like direct mail, social media and email marketing. By using all of these communication mediums, you will have the best chance of finding a qualified buyer across multiple touchpoints.
  • Create a unique ad site which stands out from the rest. Ensure the website is dynamic and showcases the best features and amenities of the listing with high quality images and a range of videos showcasing the home, neighborhood and more.
  • Run Facebook and YouTube ads for your videos to drive traffic to your ads website. This will help build the initial momentum when your website and ad go live.
  • Use virtual staging. Giving potential buyers as many opportunities as possible to visualize themselves in a space is vital, especially if the property is currently vacant.
  • Try experiential marketing. Stand out from the crowd and find out what resonates most for future endeavours.
  • Partner with local businesses on unique cross-promotions. It’s a great way to tap into their network and build brand recognition.
  • Use high quality drone photography. These shots are a great way to provide buyers with a unique angle of ownership that a regular camera can’t capture.
  • Create impactful and unique video content. Video content gives potential buyers a more cohesive look at the space and lifestyle the property offers, so make sure your content is high quality if you decide to feature video online and on social media. social.
  • Collect and display positive testimonials on your social networks and your website. Don’t be afraid to ask your past clients to write short positive testimonials about their experience working with you. We find that most are more than willing to vouch for exceptional buying and selling experiences and professionalism.
  • Maintain an email newsletter. Our newsletter, The Blueprint offers readers the opportunity to keep up to date with all that is currently happening in the real estate industry.
  • Invest in brand swag to distribute when registering. A free tote bag or hat could be the perfect touch to help your prospect remember their visit to your ad.
  • Organize an event that goes beyond a traditional open house. If the budget allows, incorporating different experiential elements such as live music, refreshments and other creative ideas like a tarot card reader or interpreters can help grab the attention of potential buyers and attract new customers.

To reiterate, once you’ve created a marketing strategy, stick to it. There is no “miracle marketing tactic” in real estate, so make sure you do what speaks to you and keep doing it consistently.

Don’t be afraid to pivot as needed if your efforts require it. Each listing requires a different strategy to complete the transaction.

James Harris is director of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram. David Parnes is director of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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