Make Your Savings Survive for the Entire Year

After the Christmas celebrations, inns and exchanges our finances can be a bit destabilized. Every year thousands of homes in Mexico have to face the financial hangover of the beginning of the year, popularly known as the January cost, making adjustments to their budget, tightening their belts or even requesting money loans to pay their expenses.

The ideal in these cases is to assume a preventive attitude, taking care of the money since December. However, we know that it is not always possible to control the outflows of money, so we have listed some tips that can help you survive the January slope.


1. Organize your expenses.

1. Organize your expenses.

If you already have water up to your neck, the first thing you should do is organize your expenses. Order them in order of priority and urgency. In these cases you should try to cover essential expenses and those that require immediate attention, such as a medical emergency. Of course, purchases by craving or vanity are excluded from this plan.


2. Economize from the kitchen.

2. Economize from the kitchen.

A very efficient way to lower costs is through food purchases. Make your grocery list from a weekly menu and buy only the ingredients you need to cook those dishes. Try to use seasonal fruits and vegetables, as they are usually much cheaper.


3. Be on time.

Be on time.

Punctuality is a virtue that can bring you many benefits, especially in times of austerity such as the January slope. Schedule all payments you must make in time to avoid surcharges. Be sure to be punctual at work by advancing your alarm a few minutes. In this way, you will not have to worry about discounted days in your fortnight nor will you need to pay taxis to arrive on time.


4. Implements an austerity plan for the whole family.

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In order to survive the January slope, it is very important that all family members cooperate. Cut expenses on transportation, entertainment and departures in general for everyone in the house.


5. Promotes responsible consumption.

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Turn off lights when not using them, do not throw water, limit the use of gas heaters. With these small actions of responsible consumption you will reduce the invoices of the services.

By putting these tips into action, you can reduce the impact of the January slope on family finances. In case these actions are not enough and you require extra money to pay your bills, do not forget that with Perry Mason Mexico you can get loans online instantly. Check in our simulator the interest and the total amount to pay before making your request. If you agree with the loan conditions, you can ask for your money in cash or in deposit from your bank account. Register on our site and enjoy all the benefits that Perry Mason Mexico money loans offer.


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