Loans – The secret to quick borrowing

It is a basic human trait that if we want something, we can do it right away. ? Especially when it comes to such a big thing as our new home.

There is a lot of macera at this time, a lot to look out for, and unfortunately a lot of mistakes can be made, all of which can lead to wasted time. We’ve put together a “magic plan” to help you get your credit, error free and in the shortest possible time.

The first step is to pre-qualify for the loan

The first step is to pre-qualify for the loan

We are not persuaded to emphasize the importance and good opportunity of having credit pre-qualification in our hands. With this we do not cut blindly into the unknown, but precisely and accurately, pre-planned.

The point is that we are financially screened as if we were borrowing without real estate. As a result, we get exactly how much credit we can borrow at what maturity. In fact, we can advance our monthly budget by knowing how much we spend on this property.

And, for us, it is a great advantage to save you time because you do not have to borrow this process again when you are actually applying for credit. Unfortunately, not all banks have access to this service, but most often do.

The second step: a thorough examination of the property

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The property very often slips or falls over when buying a home. Fortunately, most of the time, if we are thorough enough, we can almost certainly avoid them, but now we will describe what to look for in real estate.

The property should preferably not be encumbered by a non-financial institution . Examples include common costs.

Be aware that if there is a loan on the property and we redeem it or, if necessary, take over, we know exactly how much. And remember, this must be reflected in the sales contract.

The third step: choose a consumer friendly loan! (proposal)

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Of the eligible loans now, no doubt only the Qualified Consumer Friendly Credit is the hit product. It has a number of advantages over an average market loan and what is very good for us in this case is that the borrowing process can be faster.

Of the many qualities, few mention that there should be no more than 15 days between valuation and credit evaluation. In the case of a positive evaluation, if we meet the disbursement conditions, the bank will have to transfer the money within 2 days.

The fourth step: the contract of sale

Unfortunately, we did not come across a case where we had to deal with a bad contract of sale. Banks may have slightly different expectations about what the contract should contain. Here, we have a great responsibility to show the lawyer the form provided by the bank and to verify that all items are present and as they request. This contracting is typically an event that only needs to be done once, but then well.

Step Five: Enjoy our new home

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We have made some progress, but if you follow these four important steps, you can get credit in as little as 2 weeks. And from here, we just need to focus on moving and furnishing the new home. As a result of deliberate preparation, we can expect that the borrowing process will definitely take place within 1 month. Of course, it is surest if experts help you through this process. Contact us! You will see that we are the ones who really walk around buying property.

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